My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

29 Weeks

I am so sorry it has been over a week since my last update. If you remember, I was in the lovely state of Wisconsin, and I will tell you all about my amazing weekend, but since yesterday marked my 29 week mark, I will do the survey today.

Size of baby:

According to Babycenter, she should be about 2.5 lbs. Well, we all know from my last appointment, she was weighing in at a WHOPPING 2lbs10oz. SO I am guessing she is closer to 3lbs. She should be about 15 inches now.

Weight: I don't weigh myself every week, only when the doc weighs me. Last week I had only gained about 1lb, so up 13 this pregnancy....of course still have the 25 lbs from Rosalynn, but we won't count those this time:-)
Maternity clothes: seriously?!?! Have you seen my belly?!?!?

Sleep: Sleep has been going really well surprisingly. I slept great in Wisconsin in the hotel, and it has seemed to carry over back home too. I will take it! For we all know sleep will be hard to come by in a few weeks!

Best moment of the week: Yesterday I could officially say that I will, God willing, be bringing home a baby NEXT MONTH!!! How amazing does that sound?!?!?!

Movement: This is my favorite part about pregnancy! She is funny. Because she is Breech, her little head pops in and out from under my left rib. When I rub my belly, she will pop it out further...almost as if she likes having her head rubbed. I am afraid she is going to come out with a raspberry on her head from all the rubbing. At least I will know what makes her relax:-)

Symptoms: Gestational Diabetes that is staying under control with diet, sciatic nerve pain that I have gotten ALOT of relief from physical therapy. I also all of the sudden feel AMAZING lately. The past 2-3 weeks I have felt better than I ever have in either pregnancies. I am wondering if it is because of the diabetic diet. Keeping my sugars under control and losing a few pounds has made all the difference.

I did have a slight scare for about 1/2 a day. I took my sugar and it was reading lower than it usually does. The night of the formal dinner in Wisconsin and said "screw it" to my diet. I explained to Foster that if my sugar was a little high ONCE the entire pregnancy, and I explained to my doc why, I am sure he would not scold me too bad. So I enjoyed the ENTIRE meal to include mashed potatoes and three mini desserts. Now, it was probably a blessing that each mini dessert was literally 1-2 bites a piece. 2 hours after dinner I took out my meter and told Foster to guess what it would be. He said 140, I said 150. It was 106. I immediately freaked out. My sugars are never that good even when I steer clear of heavy carbs. The first thing that went through my head was that half the placenta was dead like with Rosalynn. The placenta is what causes your sugars to go up with GD because it makes a lot of sugar on it's own. I whipped out the doppler, and her HB sounded strange. It was steady at 150-160, but sounded far away. I think she either had her back turned to me or was sitting far back. This caused me enough worry that I lost sleep and told Foster that if my "test" the next morning proved I was no longer diabetic, I would call the doc first thing.

So I woke up and had the biggest Belgium waffle with REAL sugar syrup on it. Sure enough, 2 hours later my blood sugar was 160. I was ecstatic. I NEVER thought in a million years I would be excited about a high blood sugar. Foster thought it was quite humerus. However, this increase in BS proved to me that the placenta was full and the night before I guess was my get out of jail free card....and then I had to blow it with a waffle!

Food cravings/aversions: anything sweet....which I can't indulge in.
Gender: Still a Beautiful HEALTHY baby GIRL!!!! Miss Avaleen Rose (Ava)

Belly button in or out: Still in, however, it is flattening out, and I have a feeling it WILL pop this time around.
Stretch marks: They wont stop appearing!! I am going to look like and 80 year old woman when this is all said and done!

What I miss: Nothing at the moment!
What I am looking forward to: My first non-stress test next week. I have never had one.
Weekly wisdom: Don't feel bad when you can't "keep up" with all the young, non-pregnant party goers. It is OK to turn in early, and if you are blessed like I am, you will have a husband who wants to turn in early with you.
Pic Week 29:

Mom and Dave says it looks like I REALLY popped all belly this week.


Annie said...

Erin, you look great, and I'm glad you're feeling so good, too!

Stephanie said...

You are looking great! It's good to know that I'm not the only one whose little one waited until later to pop. Our little girl is still keeping a low profile compared to others that I know.

Candice said...

I saw the picture and immediately thought "wow! You've popped!" SO EXCITING! NEXT MONTH!!!


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