My Family!!

My Family!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Updates and Pictures

I feel like an awful mother and a BAD blogger! I rely on this blog to help me document the goings on in my life, and to help me remember and reminisce about my life events...and now Ava's life events. However, time seems to go at rocket speeds now a days, and suddenly it has been MONTHS since i have blogged instead of just days or weeks.

You know it is REALLY bad when I started looking through photo files, and I have photos that haven't been edited and converted of Ava since she was 4 months old...for the record, she will be 9 months in 4 days!

So last night I started going through some photos, editing and posting some to facebook.

We have been up to ALOT, but at the same time, up to a whole lot of nothing.

Foster, Avaleen and I have been to the great state of Missouri, hung out with Aunt Chris and Uncle Mike the GREATS, spent some fun times on the farm, and staying busy with work.

I know, I know..i am supposed to be a stay at home mom, but in reality, my job takes more time then most full time, regular jobs. But I LOVE what I do!! Irish Eyes Photography is taking off faster than I had ever dreamed of. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love, and help others preserve their memories!

I will be in Texas (Dallas/FW area) for a week from July 29-Aug 4th...if anyone is interested in family sessions, is expecting a baby around that time, etc, let me know! We can set up a time for a session!!

Here are ALOT of photos of she is growing SOOOO big!!

Always so happy....laughing at granny here:-)

The pups are always so protective of her!

She likes to hang out in the sun from the a

Aunt Bug taught her how to spit...I caught it on camera;-)

Hanging out with her future husband!

This is the first time she held her bottle by herself (about 5 months old)

First MLB game!!

One of my fav photos!

probably my fav photo of all time:-)

SUCH a daddy's girl!!

Riding tractors like Granny already!!!

She is a water baby!! :-)


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