My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Gender Reveal and Update: A Bit Anxious

If you missed the announcement on my facebook page, or don't happen to follow me, we did a sequel Short film to our pregnancy announcement video.

Needless to say, we are thrilled!!! Ava is so happy, and cannot wait to be a big sister. 

As for the anatomy scan. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks already!! For the most part everything looks ok. 

There was one point of concern. Babe has a marginal cord insertion just like Rosalynn had. 

What is a marginal cord insertion? 

Without boring you with all the medical jargon, a normal umbilical cord is inserted in the center of the placenta. In this case, the cord is inserted at the edge of the placenta. It happens in around 7% of pregnancies, usually when dealing with multiples. I guess I am just the lucky one who it has happened in 2/3 pregnancies. 

Of course this makes me incredibly anxious. I TRY not to think about it, but in the autopsy of Rosie's placenta, it was dead ON THE SIDE OF THE CORD INSERTION. Placentas dying towards the end of a pregnancy is not uncommon, but the center insertion allows the cord to draw from the rest of the healthy placenta. She didn't stand a chance because of the insertion point. 

According to the high risk doctor, it is a common occurrence, and and usually causes no issues. I begged her not to quote statistics and tell me everything SHOULD be ok. I am one of the people that makes a statistic a statistic.....I HAVE BEEN THE STATISTIC.

So what are we doing? Nothing different. We were already doing extra monitoring in the 3rd trimester, so we are just staying the course: U/S at 28 weeks and then every week at 30, then we have non stress tests starting at 30 weeks. Delivery at 35. 

Went in this past Weds, and baby still sounds great!! We get another u/s this next friday, and plan on bringing Ava, so she can see her little sister again:-) 


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