My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy 3rd Heavenly Birthday Rosalynn Patricia!!!

Once again, my beautiful Rosalynn's birthday has come and gone. I am at least writing about it this time:-)

Foster, Ava and I headed out to the big, windy city of Chicago to celebrate and spend time with friends!! Let me tell you, April is COLD AND WINDY in Chicago!! Foster went to a Cubs himself because it was raining and cold, and I was NOT making Ava sit through that. However we DID venture out in the cold to visit the of Ava's favorite places to visit. She had a blast sitting through Ice Age 4D, looking at the Sharks and Dolphins, and of COURSE the Jellies (my personal favorites).

Later that night, we met up with one of my best friends, and fellow photographer, Laura from Laura Enright Photography, and her family for dinner. The kids had a blast, and my husband and hers got a chance to bond and swap their military stories:-)

We had to leave and get to bed early, however, because we had an early morning full of pictures with Laura!!! She did a phenomenal job at capturing my family....all 4 of us!!

It was April 20th. We chose to have our photos done ON her birthday in tribute to Rosalynn. We picked up 3 balloons the night before to represent her 3 years in heaven. We took a few shots with the balloons included, and then I tied them to Laura's VERY heavy camera bag to make sure they didn't fly away while we took a few pictures without the balloons and before taking photos of us releasing the balloons. We were having fun, and then all of the sudden I turned around and the balloons were flying into heaven on their own!! I always knew my daughter was strong willed, but taking balloons that were securely tied to a heavy that takes some talent! LOL. Later in the week, when we arrived home, I asked Laura to check the time stamp on the photo she took of the balloon flying into heaven: 7:27AM.....Rosalynn was born @ 7:29AM....little stinker couldn't wait 2 more minutes:-)

we stopped into Panera for a little bit to get warmed was 34 degrees out!! 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this little girl?!?!?!? 

So as if the balloons weren't enough of a sign that Rosalynn was all around us that day, my mom and her friends were releasing balloons later that night in Ohio, and just as they started flying through a clearing in the clouds, a shooting star streamed through the sky!! They all saw it, and all freaked out with excitement:-)

We had out own little birthday celebration that night with Joe and Joe, candle, cupcake and balloons all included:-)

Look how much Ava ADORES uncle Joe! :-)

Although ideally  we would be celebrating with screaming 3 year olds running around and cake, ice cream, and presents, I couldn't have asked for a better 3rd Birthday celebration for my heavenly daughter:-) I think we may need to make these trips a new tradition for her birthday....and we can send her balloons from different parts of the country each year, I am thinking Virginia may be a good state (right Laura??) :-)


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