My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Glimpse Into the Past

With as busy as I have been between work, getting ready for baby, and my photo shoots, I have been slacking in blogs other than those pertaining to the pregnancy. I promise, I have a LOT more going on then just sitting around for Ava to arrive.

Take this weekend for example. It was jam packed full of excitement.

Foster has officially volunteered me to help take over his unit's family readiness group (FRG) leader position. I guess he figured since I will be a stay at home mom, I will have time to do this. So, as part of my new "job" I have to attend a few conferences to teach me how to do my new job. Our first conference was on Saturday, and although informative, it was BORING!!! Luckily I had a lot to look forward to that night.

My mom's 60th birthday was September 10th. We did a small get together with family to watch football, eat good food and then took her to watch "The Help". It was a really nice day. However, her old high school buddies had a much bigger event planned for her this weekend.

I was a part of this plan. The girls would be using my house as a base camp, bed and breakfast, local bar. They started out heading to some wineries around town. Then they would meet us at my house, have a few drinks, and then head out to the dueling piano bar down town. Well, you know what they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry".

I felt like I was in a time warp, getting a glimpse of my mother and her friends as if they were high schoolers again. They even chanted a few renditions of "We are classy, We are fine, We're the class of '69!"

We all hopped in the car to head to the piano bar, and after making it down town, we never actually made it to the bar. Just like in high school, it seems the ladies still drank as if they were in high school. One of them got sick on the way to the bar. She was down for the count. She insisted on us leaving her in the car so she could sleep, but none of us felt comfortable with that plan, because who knows what could happen to her in the big city. So we all piled back in the car and headed back to my house.

We ordered pizza, the ladies drank a few more beers, and my mom's aforementioned friend slept off her drunken state.

Sunday morning, Foster and I woke up to head to church, but before heading out, I made a fruit salad and Cinnamon rolls to tide che ladies over till we got back and I was able to make my homemade quiche for brunch.

We came back from church, hung out on the patio, ate quiche and fruit salad, and enjoyed each other's company for a couple more hours. Then after all the ladies left, I headed out for not one, but TWO photo shoots.

So just a glimpse at my last weekend, you can see how BUSY I have been. It has helped me keep my mind of the stress of this pregnancy, and has really helped with my anxiety. However, now you all know why I have been so bad about writing about things OTHER than the pregnancy.

What did you do to keep busy last weekend?

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Lurker 24 said...

Since you asked......last weekend I worked Friday and Saturday night shift. I dispatched an EMS helicopter to Wyoming to bring down a pneumonia patient. I then sent one out east for an injury accident - party with bi-lateral ankle fractures, femur fractures and head injury.
On Saturday I watched the CU Buffs lose to Ohio State and on Sunday I watched the Broncos lose to Tennessee. Not a good football weekend for me.


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