My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

LAZY Baby Getting Evicted!!

I had another Non-Stress Test (NST) today. I have them every Monday and Thursday from now on. It is a lot of trips to the doctors, but I love every minute of sitting in the recliner listening to my baby girl's heart beat.

Today she was lazy...AGAIN! Once again her heart rate was hanging out in the 130s and it looked like a solid flat line across the monitor strip. She also have VERY FEW fetal movement marks. I think in 20 minutes there were MAYBE 4 tick marks. Once again, the "mean nurse" (she really isn't mean, but if this continues, Ava will begin to think she is) used the noise maker on my belly, making my poor little girl jump and her heart rate accelerate. She HATES that, cause once you wake her up, she throws a FIT! She went on to pass the test and we waited for the doctor.

I have not seen him in 2 weeks. He has been on vacation and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the other doctors. However, I had not gotten the chance to tell Dr. C that I wanted to forgo the amnio and just deliver at 36 weeks. Plus, we had not set an OFFICIAL day. Of course, I could predict it would be around the 20th (my 36 week mark) but no guarantee he would be available. Since I have a few family members who are teachers, and Foster needs to put in request for official leave, I needed to nail down a date with Dr. C.

Turns out he would not be available the 20th. In fact, he is going to be in Florida. "Would you be willing to wait until Monday?" he asked. I am positive the look on my face said it all, "I take that as a no. It would be 36weeks 4days."

"Dr. C! You know from 34 weeks, 5days to 36 weeks is going to be hard enough. making me hold out 4 more days would be TORTURE!!!" I exclaimed. 1 week and 2 days of feeling like I am pressing my luck will be hard. I will officially be the most pregnant I have ever been, and I am not sure how I will handle those 9 days. If I wasn't pregnant, I would say I would be drinking LOTS of alcoholic beverages and sleep through those 9 days, but since I can't, I guess lots of family time and photo shoots are in order.

"Ok, ok. Well, I can check my partner's schedule and let you know what he has available. Which day did you want?"

"If you don't mind, I would like October 20th. It will officially be Rosalynn's 18 month Angelversary. We can celebrate her angelversary with the birth of her rainbow sister," I said with tears welling up in my eyes.

"I think that can be arranged." No questions, no trying to convince me to give her more time baking, just pure understanding. I think when he told me the story of his grandmother losing a baby to stillbirth, he really takes cases like mine to heart. I was SURE he would be one of those doctors that talk in the beginning of early deliveries but once the date approached, he would either flat out refuse to do it, or try to convince me otherwise. I AM extremely bummed that he will not get the opportunity to take part in the end moment...the emotional, happy moment of bringing this rainbow into the world, but I am sure he will get to see her either in the hospital when he gets back on the 24th OR at my first post-partum appointment. I have already been threatened with bodily harm by more than one of the nurses if I don't bring miss Ava in with me to my post-partum appointments.

I wanted to get up and kiss this man!

So it is official. 3 weeks from today, October 20th on Rosalynn's 18 month angelversary, Foster, myself, MANY family members, friends and all of you praying for us will be welcoming little miss Avaleen Rose Foster into the world.

Keep the prayers coming. 3 weeks from today I will be able to  breathe (hopefully) for the first time in 36 weeks.

**Oh, by the way, I think I found a way to make this little girl move for her NSTs. I have been playing Rosie's music (playing at the bottom of this blog) right up near my belly all evening, and Ava LOVES it!! She has been moving the whole time. Note to self....bring music to the NSTs:-)


Chantal said...

It must feel great to have a date finally!!

Erin said...

3 weeks!! So exciting!!!!


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