My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

34 week Survey!

Size of baby: Well considering Ava was measuring in @ 4lbs6oz @ 32 weeks, I would expect her to be around 5 and a half pounds now. BIG GIRL!!

Weight: Still only a 13 lbs gain this pregnancy. This is awesome! It will definitely help in losing weight after!!
Maternity clothes: seriously?!?! Have you seen my belly?!?!?

Sleep: It is what it is. I have problems falling asleep but once I am asleep I am good until I have to get up to use the bathroom 15 times a maybe not 15, but definitely about 3.
Best moment of the week: I have lost weight this pregnancy even though Ava is packing on the pounds! I was able to fit my engagement ring back on my hand!!! I am so excited about  this! Also, Foster and I will be getting our maternity photos take tomorrow!

Movement: She has been a LAZY BABY!! She moves alot, but she sleeps alot too. We have our NSTs and she has to be woken up every time, no matter what time the appointment is. Then she gets mad and wiggles all around. She is getting to big to get a good kick or punch, so now I feel mainly shifts and rolls.
Symptoms: Gestational Diabetes that is staying under control with diet, LOTS of peeing, and I have to do a 24 hour urine today. My BP was slightly elevated @ 139/85 (I usually run around 110/60) and I had 1+ protein in my urine. So to rule our the early onset of Pre-eclampsia, Dr. C wanted me to get a 24 hour urine for him. Praying this was just a fluke!

Food cravings/aversions: anything sweet....which I can't indulge in.

Gender: Still a Beautiful HEALTHY baby GIRL!!!! Miss Avaleen Rose (Ava)

Belly button in or out: Still in, however, it is flattening out, and I have a feeling it WILL pop this time around.

Stretch marks: They wont stop appearing!! I am going to look like and 80 year old woman when this is all said and done!

What I miss: Being able to see my feet and being able to change position s in bed without a rolling start:-) other than that
What I am looking forward to: In 1 week we have our last u/s. In 14 days we have our c-section!!!! So I would say I am most looking forward to meeting my little girl.

On that note, I am NOT looking forward to the next 5 days. 5 days from today is the milestone in our pregnancy with Rosalynn where she grew her angel wings and went back up to heaven. I am just praying that God gives me the strength to get through this, and pray Ava cooperates and moves ALOT for mommy:-)
Weekly wisdom: Spend some quality time with your hubby if you are able to before the baby gets here. I start maternity leave tomorrow, and I plan on taking FULL advantage of the 13 days left Foster and I have as a childless couple:-)

34 week photo:

I feel like I have thinned out in the face a bit:-) better for maternity photos tomorrow:-)

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