My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 Week Appointment

Wow! I am exhausted, but had an amazing day!

I got off work at six in the morning and headed to my sister's house to catch a nap before my nine o'clock appointment. We headed out to meet Foster at the office, and anxiously awaited to see our little girl.

I got the dreaded weigh in, BP and urine test. Everything looked great! My BP is holding steady at a nice 117/70 and I have gained 17 lbs so far. This is a little higher than I would like, but WAY below what I had gained with Rosie. Remember, I gained 58 lbs in 34 weeks with Rosalynn's pregnancy. My feet were a little swollen from working the past three nights, so it may account for the 3 pound gain from 2 weeks ago, but I am not going to dwell on it, as long as Avaleen looks healthy and my sugars are under control.

My sugars are doing well. The doctor was a little concerned about my fasting Blood sugars being a little high. They have been running between 90 and 112. THey should be between 60 and 90. My regular blood sugars are doing great! They are supposed to be between 90 and 120, and I have only had a couple "high" readings close to 130 because I have tested to see if my body could handle certain foods. Once I realize it can't I never eat them again. It is a constant balancing act. IF my fasting blood sugars continue to be high, the doc thinks a simple pill called glyburide taken  before bed will keep them under control. I am GLAD the words "insulin shots" was never uttered!!

Now onto the fun part! We had a great growth scan. Ava cooperated and we got some GREAT photos! She had a full bladder which is a great discovery because that means her kidneys are working. She is weighing in at a WHOPPING 2lbs10oz!!! The average for a 28 weeker is 2lbs3oz so she is just about right on track! Her heart looks great and brain, she is definitely fattening up a little and she has the cutest chubby cheeks. She is still a girl, which is always a relief. Foster and Bug had fun watching her, and I loved feeling her everytime we saw her move.

They decided to do a cervicle check with the internal probe. I wasn't worried about a short cervix or early dialation. When we lost Rosie and my doc checked it, she said it could take 3 days to put me into labor because my cervix was like Fort Knox. Sure enough, long and closed! Very ressuring that Ava plans on staying in there a little while longer.

I start my Non Stress Tests in 2 weeks. We also talked about steroids and the amnio. He plans on doing steroids, but with the Gestational Diabetes the steroids could possibly raise my sugar. He said in order to keep an eye on this and have the insulin or medication it may take to level it out, he will prbably admit me to the hospital for the injections. I have no issue with this. Many women hate the idea of spending time in the hospital, but to me, it is my second home. I work in one, and am suprisingly comfortable in them. I think it helps that I know a lot of the people who work there and know my way around. I don't get that "trapped" feeling that many people feel when admitted to the hospital. Plus, I feel safe because if anything were to God forbid turn bad, I would be right there with all the resources I need!

Without further are some pics!
sweet profile picture...looks like a knee or elbow up in her face.
Her little tootsies!! how cue are they?!?!?! i want to eat them all up!!

this is the frontal view. Her eyes are closed. I think she was sleeping...but LOOK at those cheeks!! I just want to kisss and pinch them!!!


Mami Niqee said...

Aww, I am so glad everything went well at your doctor's appointment!! I am so glad Ava is growing right on track. I can't wait to see pix of her when she is born (:

Holly said...

Sounds like things are right on track!! Hoping the GD stays in check too


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