My Family!!

My Family!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick Update on Avaleen and Me

Sorry I have been a little absent lately. I have been keeping busy with photos and editing, spending time with family and Foster. He has been out of town on and off the past couple weeks and is leaving again, so trying to get every minute of time with him.

This past week I started getting sick on Monday. I BARELY made it through my 12 hour shift on Monday night, and went home dead as a doornail. I ended up calling off Tuesday and Wednesday because I just got worse! I was lucky to get into my doctor's office on Wednesday, and he let me know what I could take. It was frustrating, because everything I have been told I could take during pregnancy had "Do Not take if diabetic or have thyroid disease" on the package. I have BOTH, so I was at a loss on what I COULD take, so I didn't take anything until Dr. C told me what I could take.

We discussed the plan a little further. He said instead of 32 weeks starting the Non Stress Tests, he is starting at 30. He also said that I might as well put my leave paperwork in for work at the 34 week mark when we are scheduled to do the amnio, because hopefully we will be delivering that day, but if not, shortly after. CRAZY!! Crazy to think she will be here in 8-10 weeks!!

My sugars have been good and completely manageable by diet alone, so that is comforting.Dr. C says that it could get worse further into the pregnancy as the placenta gets bigger, but hopefully since we will be delivering early, this won't be the case. Every time I want that chocolate cake, milkshake, or ice cream, I just think how it is in Ava's best interest for me to abstain. I kind of stinks, because there are so many restrictions on pregnant women as it is, our only true source of enjoyment is food, but this sacrifice will all be worth it! I can do it for another 8-10 weeks.

I got my new computer, but wait until I tell you about the fiasco we went through the first week I owned it. I was about ready to throw it out the window! I am sooooo happy to finally have it, because I  can edit and process pictures SOOOOOO much faster. This is going to come in handy since I will have 4 shoots in the next week. I have two newborn shoots tomorrow, and a pre-deployment shoot next week and a family shoot also next week. Guess what the best part is? I am getting paid finally for my work!! I will post the link to the pics once I post them next week.

I will do a pregnancy survey update with a belly shot at 27 weeks, because Foster and I are about to head out the door.


Stephanie said...

How exciting that you'll meet your little girl in a couple of months, but I'm sure bed rest will suck!

I'm a new follower so I don't know much about your pregnancy and photography, but you sound CRAZY busy! I hope you get some time to relax with your husband before he's out of town again.

Holly said...

I will eat all the chocolate cake for you! lol And cheesecake!! hahaha


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