My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Father's Love Will Never Fade

I know that I am never shy with expressing my love and feelings for Foster on here. However, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy he made me this past weekend.

He is not known for his compliments, or physical affection. In fact, getting him to hug is like pulling teeth, and he usually has a knack for opening his mouth with no filter, leading to "insert foot into mouth" moments. He was in rare form this weekend.

I guess it could be the lack of time with me due to him being out of town so much this weekend, but he turned into a totally different person. From the moment he walked in the door on Saturday and I received approximately 10 hugs within the first 2 hours he was home. I had to check his breath multiple times to check if he had been drinking! HAHA.

As I was sitting at the desk posting some ebay items and checking my facebook, Foster walked in and announced, "I want to go visit Rosalynn tomorrow after church."

I turned around and I think my mouth had hit the ground. Up until now, I think I have been the one who suggests us go. Foster has made a few trips out to visit her on lunch breaks by himself, but I have never heard him be so adamant about visiting her in the cemetery, "What brought this on?" I had to know.

"I was out weeding the rose garden and really got to thinking about her. I want to bring her out some of the roses from OUR garden tomorrow."

I just looked at him with utter love and adoration.

Oh, it doesn't end there. He decided to drop down his truck bed, crack open a beer, and enjoy the evening watching our neighborhood. I walked out to join him and he gave ma ANOTHER hug and kiss, "I have such a great life, I am so blessed."

I tell you, this man knows how to bring me to tears. I NEVER forget how blessed I am to have a husband as amazing as Foster. However, it is nights like these that just affirms my feelings. We have gone through ALOT. Alot more than any one couple should have to in their first few years together, but we are still so blessed in so many ways.

So, Sunday, Foster cut the roses he wanted to bring to Rosie and we headed out to the cemetery. We trimmed back all the grass growing around and over my grandparent's and Rosie's headstones, placed her flowers with some sugar water in her permanent vase, and then sat with them all for a while. Foster talked to Ava and told her all about her big sister and then talked to Rosie and thanked her for picking out her sister Ava for us. Our two girls....sisters. It saddens me to know that they will never get to grow up together. However, I am incredibly blessed to have an incredible father for both of them. With him by my side, Ava will grow to know her sister, and Rosalynn's memory will never fade in our household.

It was so nice to sit there as a little family...our little family. It was sunny, and there was a slight breeze. Then all of the sudden the bells from the chaple started playing. As the soft sound made its way up the hill, I realized one of the songs was Amazing Grace, the opening song to Rosalynn's funeral service. It was if she was letting us know she was there with us, spending time with her family.

Here is Foster with the roses for his baby girl. You can see how it is pink and matches the color of her headstone (in the lower right hand corner of the picture:-)

Proud Father....he loves Rosie Soooo much!


Mattie said...

I love her pink vase and her flowers. It was so sweet that Foster wanted to do that for Rosie.

Holly said...

Awwwww! Gotta go and make a girl cry! :')


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