My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unmotivated....Need Advice

I am 27 weeks in Thursday. Although it seems too early in a NORMAL pregnancy to start packing hospital bags and finishing up the nursery, I have to remember I am giving birth early. I am down to 7-9 weeks. When am I supposed to start all of this?!?!? I have a some-what finished nursery, but there are still things that need to be done. I want to declutter my house and make room for all the baby items. We have accumulated so much random stuff over the past 2 years, that most of it just takes up soon to be much needed space.

Here is a list of the things I need to do:

In the nursery I need to re-wash all the fabrics since that room has not been touched since April 2010. I need to dust all the furniture, because I ran my finger over the crib, and there is a lager 1/2 inch thick. I need to clear out the closet that everything was just thrown in after losing Rosalynn. Organize diapers into the different places I will need them (changing table, Pack and Play in the living room, etc). I also nee to apply the second wall script that was never applied last April, the "You are my Sunshine" that will be over the dresser/changing table. I also need to put the wall shelves up that will hold all the cute horse themes decorations around the room, and hang a couple pictures. Then I need to rewash all of the clothes Rosie never got to wear that have been sitting in the basement and hang them in the closet along with Ava's new clothes. After this, the nursery SHOULD be done.

With the house, we have to make it baby ready. We need to move the gun case upstairs because where it sits is where my Pack and Play will go, and we still have the stroller to set up. I have to to get decluttered, and deep clean the house. Now, luckily for me, my mom's housekeeper said she would come in while I am still in the hospital, since I will have a 4 day stay, and clean the house for me. However, I can't have it all cluttered. Yes, I am one of THOSE women that clean the house BEFORE the housekeeper come over. I am looking forward to this because then when Foster and I get home, all we need to worry about is bonding as a new family.

My hospital bag! Oh my! Well, last time there was no hospital bag. It was a quick trip to make sure that everything was okay that turned into a devastating four day stay in the hospital. I had the clothes on my back, and that was it. I managed. Foster brought the laptop and a few items for me to use while there, but for the most part, the hospital provided a lot of items I needed. This time I want some comforts from home. For instance, I want my own pillows, and maybe our fuzzy blue blanket from our bed. I already have a coming home outfit for Ava, but other than that, I am at a total loss. I have NO CLUE what to pack! I found a few lists from a couple blogs, but would LOVE your advice. for those of you who have stayed in the hospital after giving birth, what did you bring? What did you use, and what could you have left behind. Remember, I will be there for 4 days because of my c-section. What all do I bring for Avaleen? For myself?

WOW!!! re-reading all of this, I still have ALOT to do!! Foster and I leave for Milwalkee and get back on the first of August. I think I will have to sit down and REALLY focus and get things done. I am just soooo nervous because I don't want to feel like I am jinxing myself! 7-9 weeks...WOW! Not much time....


~Amy said...

*hugs* Breathe-

Since I'm expecting #3, this little bean will have no nursery, no crib and will have to fight the sea of small chokeable toys that my 2 big ones play with currently. ;) I will email you what I emailed my friend when she was packing her hospital bag. I found myself having to look at it again since I'm planning to pack one at some point closer to Christmas...

But really, newborns need very little. They need a place to sleep, some clothes to wear, blankets, diapers, a car seat for the ride home etc. All the stuff we think they need, the environment we think they need to be brought home in to is just for us. They need love. They need to be held and snuggled and every thing else is just detail that will get worked out as it needs to. :)

Holly said...

Nesting will kick in I'm sure and you'll get quite a bit done! It did for me! lol I don't think hubs was that thrilled I was asking him to do stuff. :)

As for hospital stuff. I made sure I took my trusty afghan. Hospitals get cold! Plus my afghan has went pretty much everywhere with me. Trips, moving, and it has seen the births of all 3 of my girls. For Lainey I had the camera, video camera, and a laptop. I had a going home outfit for me and for Lainey but I didn't take much clothes for her there b/c they have the white shirts and such and I just used those. I packed a couple snacks and I also packed Lainey's baby book to write in and get prints. I would recommend taking a manilla envelope to put papers in from the hospital, including Ava's stuff. I would take a blanket for Ava and maybe a hat for her too in case it is chilly going home. Booties too! If the hospital will provide it I would let them. The less you pack for the hospital the less you'll have to unpack later! And besides essentials like underwear, socks, and toiletries you really shouldn't need too much if you just wear their gowns (saves laundry for you!).


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