My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy Announcment

Well, now, you all know I am pregnant, so it isn't my announcement. However, I have been holding off for WEEKS to write this on my blog because she wanted to tell her family, and I know a lot of her family reads this blog. My best friend of 29...ALMOST 30 years is pregnant with her first!! JJ is and Mr. JJ found are currently 13 weeks pregnant!!! I am sooooo excited! I remember back in June when we were honoring her mom's first year in heaven, JJ and I were driving to breakfast. I looked up into heaven and said, "Mama JJ, I know you are having fun with your future grandchild right now, but it is about time to send him or her down here for JJ. You can play with Rosie while your grandbaby is down here on earth playing with Avaleen!"

Interestingly enough, they found out they were pregnant about 2-3 weeks later!!! That means Mama JJ must have listened to me:-)

I have to admit, with both Anne and JJ pregnant at the same time as me it is sooo exciting, but then again, as a Baby Loss Mom, it scares the living crap out of me!

Think of it this way, I got left behind in my last pregnancy. A few of my friends were also pregnant and due around my time. The difference is they are friends.....Anne and JJ are my BEST friends. IF God forbid something happens to Ava, it will be THAT much harder to watch these babies grow up. I see my friend's babies that are Rosie's age, but not as frequently as I would see Anne's and JJ's babies.

JJ is exactly 15 weeks behind me. She is due in March. Papa JJ had a dream that Mama JJ came and told him it was a little girl! So Taylor Marie will be Avaleen Rose's best friend. They will grow up the way JJ and I did, being the best of friends!! I feel sooooo blessed. I just hope the shoe doesn't drop this time around.

Later today I have my 28 week growth scan and get to see Ava again. I can't wait! I will update about that when I have time in the evening.

Also, with Ava on the way, there is another BIG life change that will be happening...but I will leave that for another post;-)

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Holly said...

Praying that your friends' pregnancies are uneventful and NORMAL!


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