My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thanks and Praise

Thank you guys. I am amazed at how blessed Foster and I are with friends and family! You guys are what have helped us through. Like I said don't worry, I will be fine. I was warned about these moments, and as one of my dear friends said, "Healing happens in that dark place." I embrace these dark places, I "ride the wave of grief", because it is in these sad and dark moments that the healing does happen and I can feel Rosie wrapping her arms around me trying to console me. I wake up every morning (or afternoon like and thank God for the many gifts I do have. You know what they say, Thank, Praise and Then Ask. So I thank God for all of you, for Foster, for the home I have. I praise God for all of the amazing things he has created, like the beautiful lives that are about to enter this world, and the happy, healthy little boy for whom I have absolutely fallen in love with (Baby Prince), and then ask Him to lead me in the right direction, give me strength, give me hope, and IF it is in His plan, give Foster and I the family we have prayed for. I told Foster about the 0.0 Hcg from the blood draw yesterday and he was actually sad about it. I asked, "Are you disappointed? You were really hoping I was pregnant weren't you?"

He replied "Every month I will hope you are, and will probably be disappointed if you are not."
I told him, "Don't worry, Bug, JJ and I are heading to Vegas in September, and you know what happened last time," We fought the entire time I was in Vegas last time, when I got home we made up in Nashville, and next four weeks we found out we were expecting. Maybe a trip to Nashville is in order too! Needless to say, I did not expect Foster to be sad about the BFN (in Baby Loss World that means Big Fat Negative).

I DO have another blog to finish and post today, an update about our ornery little dogs, but I have to go pick up Bug and help her get her car out of the tow lot. Oh the life of Bug, that is an entirely different story. I could create an entirely new blog off her adventures! Enjoy this beautiful day, and once again, thank you all for your love and support.

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