My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Erin Takes on Washington and the Literary World

Well, the ugly face of third shift living has reared its ugly head. I went to bed with Foster around ten p.m. after sleeping from 10am to 230pm. I woke up at 2am unable to sleep anymore, so I figured I would give you an update.

A few very exciting things are going on, hence why I have not been around quite a much. I have been so busy writing "other things", that unfortunately my blog has taken a slight back seat.
First, I have mentioned that I am getting a policy changed where I work, and I got a phone call that it had made it up through numerous boards, and they all agree that there needs to be a change. They want me to write a letter explaining why I feel the way I do about the issue, my experience, and what I think should be changed about the policy. I mentioned that I was going to be pursing the change in the National Guard policy too, and they said to add this information in my letter. They also suggested that although it is not necessary, that it would benefit me to have the backing of one of my state representatives. So I have started preparing my first letter to a politician. This is a little scary for me, because I am very aware from being in the military, that there is a certain standard to letters of this nature. SO I called in reinforcements. I have mentioned my friend "Mrs. Roma" in previous entries. He father is a long time politician in our home town, and she has had a recent experience with writing a letter to her congressman, so she knows the ropes. She has agreed to review my letter after I write it, give me some pointers, give it to her father to look over, and then I will send it in to the recommended representatives who will be most willing to support my mission. This takes a huge weight off of my shoulders, and appreciate her offer in the midst of her extremely hectic life.

One other project I have written for, is a beautiful website founded by a fellow baby loss mommy. It is I combined the four main blogs that make up Rosie's story, and submitted it to her project. It looks AMAZING, and for those of you who do not know the entire story, you can find it here.

Third, I have been inspired to jump head first back into writing my book. I have received so many wonderful comments from followers, friends and family that I have a gift. I guess I never really thought there was anything spectacular about my writing skills, because I just write what I know, how I feel, and what I have experienced. However, one friend mentioned that one of the greatest books of all time was written from true life experience, To Kill A Mockingbird. So, why not? It would honestly be a sin to waste a gift that God has given me. I am nervous, and honestly terrified to put my work out there to be critiqued by professionals, so occasionally I may post an excerpt on here for all of you to give me feedback. It is completely different than writing on this blog. This has served as an outlet, a form of therapy for me since the loss of my daughter. All of you read it, but I do not feel as if it is something to be scrutinized because it is just my thoughts and memories down on paper. However, I will never succeed in truly reaching millions of people unless I go out on a limb and try. So her it goes, I might as well. I have 2 months until school starts back up, so I am going to utilize the time while I have it. I am going to have to try my hardest to set aside at least an hour a day to dedicate strictly to the book, so unfortunately, my blog may take a hit because of this.

Fourth, I am proud to say I will officially be published for the very first time sometime after August. Foster and I are taking a trip to Austin in August for a National Guard Conference that we attended last year in Nashville. This conference is near and dear to our heart for a few reasons. Last year Foster and i got engaged during this conference, conceived Rosie around this time, and Mr. and Mrs. Prince conceived Baby Prince here. So you can understand why I am excited to go. I attend as a spouse, not as a soldier, Foster is the soldier at this event. However, I have a more important role this year. Instead of just looking good on Foster's are at the social event, he has volunteered me, and the board agreed to allow me to write up about the conference through the eyes of the spouse. I am so honored that Foster would consider this, because it just shows how supportive he is of one of my dreams, and that the organization agreed. It is only going to be an article in the National Guard publication, but I am thrilled that I will officially get to see my writing put into print other than my computer screen. Who knows, maybe this will open more doors and motivate me even more.

There are so many amazing things going on and it is bitter sweet. None of this would come to fruition if not for the death of my Rosie, however, there is nothing more I want than her to be here to witness all of this. The one comfort I have is that she is watching me from heaven, rooting me on, and when I get up there and see her, I hope I have made her proud and given meaning to her death.

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