My Family!!

My Family!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cookouts, Groundhogs and Bridge Jumping

Well, it is official, we have made it through our first holiday without Rosie. The fourth means a lot to my family. I come from a family full of military service members. I have a retired Air force Colonel, a retired Navy pilot, decorated Army Lieutenant Colonel, Foster is an Army Captain, and my self and many of my cousins are currently scattered amongst the different branches. Independence Day signifies not only or nations independence, but also those who fought, died, and continue to fight for the freedoms that we all take for granted every day. My family and I always have a huge celebration on Fourth of July weekend. this year we had been planning on celebrating the 4th with family and friends at Mama JJ's house in New York. We had been planning for this to be the weekend that David and I took a trip with a 2 month old Rosie to NY to meet her extended family. Before losing both Mama JJ and Rosie, we had joked that Rosie and Mama JJ could hang out together because neither one of them would have an immune system.

The JJs' house is one that holds a place in my memory for summer holidays. The kids would be in the backyard playing in pools and with toys while the adults hung out in the front yard playing guitars, drinking beer, and listening to bands like Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, and Tracey Chapman. We would play volleyball in the front yard, eat until we couldn't move, and watch as Papa JJ and my dad set off fireworks. It was going to be like old times this Fourth.

However, as you know, Mama JJ passed and instead of going to NY to celebrate, my parents decided to hold our fourth of July festivities at the farm. The whole day was bitter sweet. It was great to spend time with friends and family but I could not get how this weekend should have been out of my mind.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, Foster was on a mission to kill his ground hog for the day. I hung out with my mom and dad while we waited for the other guests to arrive. Some of JJ's family came, my aunt and uncle, a couple cousins, and a few family friends. We drank, ate WAY too much food, and Foster helped successfully set off a great firework show without setting anything on fire or taking out a spectator. I won fifty dollars by winning not one, but two texas hold'em tournaments. I was so ecstatic, because of all the times I have played against my father and my uncle, I have never beaten both of them. I usually come in second to one of them. However, last night I put them both out with one very lucky hand.

It was funny, because I had no cash to put in at the beginning, so I had to borrow ten dollars from Foster. He was hesitant because he doesn't agree with gambling for money. So it took me a bit, but I convinced him into coughing up ten dollars to let me play against the guys. You can imagine how thrilled he was when I handed him his ten dollars back and still had an extra fifty in my pocket. I think I impressed him with my mad poker skills. Maybe now he won't be so anxious about me losing money if I go to Vegas.

Rowdy and Reagan had an amazing time and are currently out for the count. They played with their brother Cleatus and Mama Jellybean. Of course Reagan is missing from this picture because she runs from the camera. We took them out to the covered bridge and taught them all to swim. Foster, Bug and Ky all jumped off the bridge but I could not get the guts to do it. I don't know why, I have jumped off this particular bridge numerous times, but the water was rally shallow, and I was afraid of breaking something. So I played with the pups and tried to avoid the water snakes.

This weekend was proof that yes, I can have fun on the holidays, but Rosie will forever be thought of on these family events, because she will from now on be the missing link.

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Maggie said...

Love your puppies!! :) And of course, Rosie will always be missed. I wish she could have shared 4th of July with you. (((HUGS))))


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