My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Broke My Diet

Yesterday I had the most amazing chocolate cake, a whole pizza on my own, and topped it off with a nice cold Venti Carmel Frappucino. It was the most amazing meal of my life. Did that break my low-carb diet? Yes! Was I satisfied? Yeppers! Did I feel guilty? Absolutely! Until I woke up and realized it was all just a dream. That is right, my lack of sweets and carbs has caused my mind to indulge itself in these off limit treats while I am fast asleep. This makes them calorie free, and completely satisfying. I wake up feeling very gratified and really guilty at first, and then I remember it was all a dream. What a great way to cheat! I get to eat all of my favorite foods without the fat and sugar going straight to my hips.

I wonder if my mind remembers all of the amazing flavors of my favorite foods and that is why the dreams are so real. I just hope I am not actually sleepwalking and eating the food out of the fridge in the middle of the night. Maybe I am going to have to have Foster set up a video camera just to be sure. Then again, I guess if I really was eating all of this unhealthy food, I would not have dropped seven pounds in the last 2 weeks.


Katie said...

Hahahaha! I used to have dreams like that right after I quit smoking. I'd dream I smoked a cigarette and I'd wake up in a panic, thinking I had totally blown it. What a relief to find out it was just a dream!
Have you heard of people that sleep-eat? Gotta watch out for that. As long as you aren't waking up and finding items from your nightstand missing or your pillow gone and feathers in your mouth, you're prolly ok! :)
By the way, your blog is beautiful! So artfully done, I'm impressed!
Thank you for finding me. :)

*Laura Angel said...

Yummm thats totally ok :)


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