My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Very Special Mother

There is a woman in your life. Everything about her physical appearance indicates she is a mother. Her breast sag just a little more than they used to, and she has a few extra pounds around her midsection. Her hips are a little big, her stomach is traced with stretch marks, and she wears the scars of child birth.

If you were to enter her home, she has a nursery full of books and toys, diapers and clothes. She has stuffed animals throughout her house. She has pictures of her child on her desk and in her purse. She has her child's birthstone on her bracelet, and her mother's day gift on her ears.

She loves her child more than anyone could imagine. She thinks of her child every moment of every day. She overflows with pride for her child. She enjoys talking about her child, sharing stories of her child, and dreaming about her child. However, she is no typical mother. She is stronger than most, for unlike other mothers, she must parent her child from a far. She must live the rest of her life here on Earth without her child, because the difference between her and most mothers, is her child lives in Heaven.

Please do not feel sorry for this woman, because it does not make her any less of a mother. She carried her child, gave birth to her child, and loves her child today. Her nursery may be empty, but her heart is full. Please do not feel uncomfortable when she talks about her child, for this makes her feel better, and keeps her child alive in her memory. Please do not be offended if she sheds a tear or two; this does not make her weak. She will smile from ear to ear the moment she arrives in heaven and is finally able to wrap her arms around her child and spend the rest of eternity with her child. Until then, do not forget the pain that this woman has endured, because she will never forget her child and hopes you never will either.

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