My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

God Answers Prayers in AMAZING Ways!

I mentioned that I had 2 big events other than graduation to look forward to. The first is the military ball, and the next is the Women of Faith Conference here in my town! I am ecstatic. I received an email from my great friend and fellow blogger/baby loss mom, Holly (I have blogged about her here , here and here). She told me that her and the women from Sufficient Grace Ministries were going to be coming for the conference and they wanted to invite me along. I was quick to say I would go, even before I knew about the extra kicker. One of the main speakers at the conference is someone who unknowingly helped guide me through my grief like a beacon on a lighthouse. She is the wife of one of the band members of Selah, a Christian band, the author of "I will Carry You", and she blogs over at "Bring on the Rain". 

If you are a new follower since June, I wrote about how the song "I will Carry You" has moved me to tears many times here. It plays on my music list on the bottom of my blog (in case you want to listen to it). when I found out that Angie Smith would be at the conference, I didn't care about the price, I didn't care if I had to go by myself, I was going to be there. Well, Holly informed me that not only do I get to listen to her speak, but Angie has agreed to meet with the women from the Sufficient Grace group after the conference! Can you say crazy fan right here?!?!?!?! I honestly feel that God has answered one of my prayers. I wrote Angie an email months ago from her blog. I knew I wouldn't get a response because she has THOUSANDS of followers, and probably receives thousands of email a week, but I can't deny I was a little disappointed. I poured my heart out to her, expressing how her book helped me stay out of the dark place Baby Loss Moms can be so easily pulled into.  Her strength to carry her baby diagnosed with anacephaly and stay strong in the Lord prevented me from turning my back on God when I wanted to.

I feel like this is God's way of having her "reply" to my email! I get to meet her! I get to shake her hand, and possibly even get a hug....tears are welling in my eyes as I am writing this! I am sure there will be plenty of tears when this meeting takes place also. To top it off, this is all taking place in April. As you all know, April is going to be a rough month. However, I feel like Rosie is really trying to make it easier on me. The article in Military Spouse magazine will be published in the April edition, AND this conference will be in April. We are still not entirely sure what we will be doing for Rosalynn's angleversary, but I know I want to throw a little birthday party for close friends and family, probably over Easter weekend. A balloon release is probably in order, and a cake, but I am not sure what else I should do. To my fellow BLMs: What did you do special on your baby's day? I would LOVE some suggestions!


Nicky said...

Your post today sent shivers down my spine - so hapy for you to have your "reply" in this way. Sounds like you'll have an extremely moving time at the conference & I'm sure you and everyone there will get so much warmth and support just from being in such close proximity to everyone else. I also love the idea of your birthday party and balloon release - a beautiful way to celebrate a special little girl who touched your hearts.

JenJen said...

My sister and I plan on going to the WOF conference this year in Atlanta so I'm equally excited to hear that Angie will be speaker! How awesome that you will get to meet her!

Oh, and I love Holly, too :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That is so neat!

Holly said...

Aw, thanks Erin and Jen too :)

I can't wait until the conference. It is gonna be amazing!!

For Carleigh we had a big 1st bday party. I decorated it all up . We had food and cake and a balloon released at the cemetery. I just wish more people would've come. I set myself up to be disappointed. There were people who said they would come and then didn't show and that hurt. But then during the party Anth and I talked and he said it's not about them but about her and I realized he was right. So whatever you plan make sure it is all for her and nobody else!


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