My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Irish Eyes Photography

March 20th (do you notice important dates for me always seem to fall on the 20th of the month?!?! I swear my next child will be born of the 20th of some month.) is quickly approaching. This will be a monumental day in my life...I will be graduating! This will open an enormous amount of time for me. I won't have to worry about studying, going to class, etc. This means I will have so much more time to dedicate to the things I have become passionate about, my photography, my writing, and my Roses from Rosalynn! I am so excited.
I am attempting to build my photography portfolio. I am testing out all categories: newborn, family, engagement, senior, and maternity photos. I have had no problem getting family, senior and baby shoots. In fact, I have four senior shoots this week and one newborn shoot. I am over the moon excited. However, probably because I have been trying to avoid pregnant bellies for months now, there does not seem to be a pregnant woman around anywhere. They have all disappeared and the ones that are pregnant are not going to be ready for pictures for 20-30 weeks. That's a long time to wait.

My goal is to have five solid shoots in each category prior to charging people. I can really tell the progression of my own pictures, it is really amazing. I am taking my very first formal class this spring. I have been learning from my mentor and others, reading books and doing my own research, but I feel there is a certain amount of natural talent you have to have, the rest is all technical details like lighting. My mentor has offered to allow me to use his studio at no cost, as long as I don't charge my subjects. He is going to teach me how to use all the lighting and equipment, and as soon as I start charging, I can rent it out by the hour.

Foster jumped on the bandwagon this weekend. He compiled a slide show of all of my shoots thus far (I am going to TRY and figure out a way to download it on here:-). He also designed business cards for me. You are probably wondering how can I have a business card if I haven't even named my business. Thanks to my brilliant aunt, she came up with the perfect name: "Irish Eyes Photography". I checked so far, and there is only one Irish Eyes Photography, and it is in Maryland and they don't seem to have the rights to it, so I hope we will be able to gain rights through the State Commerce. I think it fits perfectly! It makes me smile, because my grandmother used to sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to me when I was little, and Foster thinks I have the most beautiful green Irish eyes.

So, come one, come all and let these Irish Eyes capture some precious moments!


Nicky said...

Congratulations on the upcoming graduation - that'll be such a wonderful landmark for you! And I love the photography name - just brilliant!

Mattie said...

Congrats on building your portfolio! There are two great sites that I wanted to pass on if you don't know about them yet. One is called I Heart Faces and the other is Willette Designs. Willette is doing photo lessons everyday in February called "the Joy of Love" and so far they have been great! I Heart Faces has weekly challenges that really help motivate and inspire! I've found much inspiration and technical help from these two sites! Can't wait to see your photo business launch!
Oh-and congrats on graduating!!!

Olivia's Mom said...

Love the name. Good luck as your business begins to take off! :)

McDancer said...

I love the name! May the luck of the Irish be with you in your endeavors :)

Amber said...

YAY for graduating! That is fantastic! I did it myself last summer and it's quite the feeling. You've worked hard for it - enjoy it!

Holly said...

Love the name of your photog business! Very unique. And if I was prego I'd totally want you snapping pics of my belly!


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