My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Twist In The Road

I know the saying "everything happens for a resason" is so cliche, but I had something incredible happen this week that makes me stop and think if it holds some truth.

About five years ago I signed up to be a bone marrow donor. I donated a little bit of blood, and was placed in the registry. Up until this point I had yet to be called, however all that changed a few days ago. I noticed about four months ago that the registry still had my parent's address as my address, so I made sure to go in and update everything. Four months later, I am filling out an update on all my medical information because I may be a match for someone. One of the questions it asked was "Are you pregnant or could you become pregnant within the next six months?" Of course I answered yes, because lets face it, Foster and I have been trying VERY hard to get pregnant. However, I made sure to add in the notes that if they draw my blood for the more in depth testing, and find out that I am indeed a match, we will stop TTC immediately.
I would give up a few months of trying to start my family and giving Rosalynn a sibling in order to save some one's life. Can you imagine being responsible for saving some one's mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or son? I help save lives in the ER every week, but this is a little different. I would have a single connection with one other person in this big world because MY marrow would be responsible for saving their life. If I can spare one family from the pain of losing a loved one, than I will gladly refrain from trying to get pregnant.

I will also endure the pain of a HUGE needle going into my hip, a few days of pain and recovery in order to save some one's life. It makes me wonder if maybe I was not meant to be pregnant yet because I was meant to help give a "new life" to a stranger. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Does everything happen for a reason?

I will keep you updated on the process. The next step is to stop by and give a little more blood for them to test it more closely, and then I should hear soon after that.

Here is a little treat. I have been practicing with photo shop and edited a few of the baby shoot pictures I took. I was playing around with the black and white with one singled out color effect. I think they came out pretty good for my first time!




After (the before didn't want to download for some reason)
 I know they are not HUGE differences, but I like the effect, and can't wait to do more!!


Nicky said...

I too feel that all things happen for a reason. And that they all help to define us in some way. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to be selfless - I agree too, how fabulous would it be to know you've literally saved someone's life in an "outside of work" way. It would be a very powerful feeling for me, I know that much. Love the photos!

annoyed army wife said...

I want to hear more about your bone marrow donation potential! I've been on the registry since '99 and faithfully update my info every time we move. My grandpa died from leukemia when I was five, so if I can help someone else I completely would. I'm glad you're signed up, too!

J said...

I love the photos!

You are a beautiful soul to put your family on hold to help another person's life. I'm honored to "know" you even if it is on the internet!!

Holly said...

Beautiful pics!!

I think it is wonderful that you are on the list to be a donor. I am signed up for the organ donor registry and would have no trouble donating bone marrow too! How did you get on the list from donating blood? I've donated blood before and never heard of this list.


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