My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marketing for a New Business

Well, I figured since I promised I would write more, and this has to do with what has been taking so much of my time up lately, I would post a little about my photography business. My small photography business has been getting more and more busy. I have been getting more and more clients, and am soooo excited! I have truly been blessed with this opportunity.

I decided if I wanted to get even more business, I needed to find some marketing opportunities. After picking my cousin's brain (she was a photographer for 10 years and does marketing for a living) and also listening to my mentor, I finally made a few connections, and jumped in.

This past weekend I had my first big marketing gig. I was nervous, excited, and hoping for the best. I was nervous because what if no one liked my stuff? I was excited at the prospect of having complete strangers take interest in my work. However,  I was a little disappointed, because I had ordered a few products that had yet to be delivered, but the table was pretty full regardless.

This particular event was a local consignment sale. Our consignment sales are HUGE! They draw new moms and experienced moms alike. Sometimes the lines will start out the door an hour before the sale actually starts. Since my main focus is newborns and children, this could potentially be a very lucrative endeavor.

These women are out to find a deal, so I figured I would offer a 15% discount for those that signed up for my drawing and did not win. The drawing was for a free photo session.

I had over 40 people sign up, and before the end of the event, I already had 3 sessions scheduled, with 2 more possibilities! I am so excited! The event has already paid for the cost to place my table. I have another consignment sale coming up next month. I am excited to see if it is as successful as this last one.

My one piece of advice, because I am by no means a marketing expert, is to have an attractive table that will draw attention and showcase your best work, and a variety of what you can offer. I had newborns, maternity, family and children photos. I left the senior, wedding, and couples shoots because that wasn't my target audience. I had large canvases, framed photos (and the frames were custom from my framer) and smaller prints under Plexiglas I placed on top of the table top. Then I had a portfolio of some of my favorite 8x10s and one of the albums I designed for one of my regular families.

Here are some pictures of my table....for my first time, I was pretty proud of it:-) Sorry for the bad pictures, they were take with my point and shoot.


alanna said...

Aw yea that's my Mattie!

Stephanie said...

How fun! The table looks fantastic and how exciting that you booked as many clients as you did! Congrats!

Holly said...

sounds like a definite success in marketing!


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