My Family!!

My Family!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Avaleen 6 Months!

So before I post about Rosie's Second Birthday, i thought I should probably post about my beautiful rainbow! She brings light and joy to every day, and her smiling face made the 20th so much easier. I mean come on...who couldn't smile and laugh at this little face?!?!?!

 She turned 6 months on the 13th and had her doctor's appt on the 19th. This little munchkin is a whopping 18lbs4oz of pure beef-cake...or as Foster says "Veal cake". She is measuring 27.75 inches long...and her head is in the 90th percentile...not that that surprised Her head is big, and she is tall...but pretty lean considering her weight! We call her "Long and Lean Avabean" :-)

Right now she is sitting for long periods of time with no assistance (but always someone close by). She will stay up on her feet if holding onto something or someone is holding her. She is rolling to get to where she wants....over and over and over till she reaches whatever destination she is trying to get to.

Ava's personality is really starting to shine through. She is too smart for her own good! She "speaks up" is she is not happy about something, and HATES when she is left alone in a room.

Right now we are still struggling with sleep. She does NOT want to go to sleep at night. She fights Foster and I tooth and nail. However, when she DOES go to sleep she is sleeping 9+ hours.

We started baby food. I have canned, but like to make my own for her. It is one way I can help make sure her food is nutritious, since I haven't been able to breast feed since 6 weeks. She also tried a sippy cup for the first time and LOVED it!

Unfortunately, she has gotten to the point where she can't attend photo shoots with me. I used to be able to do a full 1.5 hour session with her hanging out in her stroller, or in the baby bjorn on my chest, but she is just getting too big, and napping a LOT 2-3 20-45 minute naps a day.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful girl! You sound like you are going to have your hands full these next few months (and years to come) as she starts to explore and learn new things!

Chantal said...

What a sweetie. She is getting so big!! My niece was born Oct 19 so it's fun to watch them grow up similar. My niece rolls around like crazy now too.

Candice said...

Ahhh her little facial expressions are the cutest!!!!


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