My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Fun Begins..Adventures in Baby Food!

We officially started on the journey of baby food about a month ago. Slowly we started introducing new flavors to Ava, and seeing how her digestive system handled the new food.

I knew from day one that I want to make my own baby food for her. However, before I got a really good blender, I had to buy a few jars. Figured, if she was like me when I was her age (I HATED baby food, and went straight to big-people food) w would not waste money on an expensive baby blender. She seemed to LOVE the baby food, so I was on the lookout for a good deal.

One morning I woke up and opened my email. There was a $150 blender on groupon for $49!! I couldn't pass it up! It has the steamer/bottle warmer/reheating plate on one side, and the blender on the other.

After a hectic week of taking photos for a wedding, set of 1 yr old twins, and my marketing gig, I FINALLY cracked open the box, and started to use my new product. I did some research on easy/good recipes for baby food for 6 month old. This is the one I found that she LOVED:

1 ripe banana and 1 avocado add water or formula or breast milk till right consistency

How easy right? I didn't even have to steam it first. Ava LOVED it!! She ate a TON of it! It even made enough for about 4 more feedings. I didn't have anything to store it in other than old breast milk bags, so I need to go out and get some ice cube trays so I can freeze the extras, and keep a variety of food so I can just thaw, reheat in my kidsline steamer side, and serve it to Miss Ava.

I am excited. I know my milk depleted after 6 weeks, and so I felt like I couldn't provide her the healthiest food. Now, with this baby food maker, I can feel like I am back in control. I can choose the foods and ingredients that go into her mouth, and make sure they are the healthiest, organic ingredients I can get!

Next up: Peas and Carrots!

Have you tried making your own baby food? How was your experience? What is your child's favorite recipe?


Chantal said...

Yum! We had planned on making our own baby food but now we're going to be doing baby-led weaning, so hopefully no baby food making at all!

Holly said...

making baby food is rewarding for both momma and baby! i always enjoyed it and felt like I was doing something really good for my baby in controlling what she ate and knowing the ingredients of what she was eating.

i loved the site


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