My Family!!

My Family!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Finding the Time

I have come to the conclusion that I am just going to have to bite the bullet, and FIND time to sit down and write. Sure, my photography is giving me a GREAT outlet to express my creativity, but there is still this unsatisfied ache inside of me that is only going to be satisfied by writing.

There is something new and exciting that happens every day with Ava, but sometimes I feel like I would just be boring you if I talked about them. However, then I realize I started this blog for myself, not for everyone else, and the fact that I have 150+ followers is just a bonus. So, the good, the bad, and the ugly will start popping up on this blog more often, and Ava's nap times will officially be "blog writing time".

There is SOOO much that I have left out over the past 6 months. Heck! I have only written about 10 entries since Ava entered our lives. She is rolling from back to front, and front to back. She is TRYING to sit up on her own....she can balance for a few seconds, but ultimately ends up on one side or another. She is a chatter box, and her personality is shining through.

Lately, I have started to wonder if 6 months is not too young to start manipulating her parents. Lately, when it is bed time, she has been throwing fits. Prior to a week ago, she would go down to sleep with only a few kisses, stories, and a family prayer. She would smile a squeal through the bed time stories, and then as soon as we would turn off the lights after good night kisses, she would watch her aquarium until she would drift off on her own. About a week or two ago, she has started screaming as soon as the "fun" part is done. As soon as the lights go off, the most blood cuddling screams you have heard come out of this sweet baby girl. It KILLS me. I give it about 3-5 mins before I go to soothe her. AS SOON as I pick her up, the tantrum stops, and smiles appear on her face. I know my daughter is ornery, but to be manipulative at this young of an age. I HOPE not, but the "I am getting what I want" grin that materializes the SECOND I pick her up has created doubts in my mind.

Foster has suggested allowing her to cry it out. I know at a newborn age, "crying it out" interferes with the trust/mistrust stage in their life, but if she truly is doing this to get me to pick her up, maybe I will have to try his way. Maybe if I sit by her crib and just pat her butt or rub her head so she knows I am present, but avoid picking her up, this will help the situation.

Now please, don't get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than to rock my daughter to sleep. It is the most peaceful, wonderful feeling to have my child nuzzled on my chest as I sway back and forth and she drifts off into dreamland to the soft humming of my voice. However, I have always done this for nap time, not bed time. I don't know what changed in the past 2 weeks.

I will keep you all updated on the bed time fiascoes.

As for the modeling contracts. She was approved by BOTH agencies. The NJ agency wants her info on file for direct bookings. Anything that would require a go-see would not be financially worth it to us as a family, because it doesn't even cover the cost of travel. The OH agency is ALL about her. Unfortunately, they don't get a lot of bookings for children under the age of 4...maybe 10-15 a year, but they definitely want to represent her if anything comes up. Being a local agency, we would have no issues with attending go-sees and such. I am not too disappointed in lack of opportunities, because I am so busy getting the photography business up and running, that I am afraid I wouldn't be able to give THAT much time to this endeavor.

Here are a few shots of my beautiful girl taken within the past month. She is approaching 6 months on the 13th! Boy how time flies!!!

Where did she go!?!?

LOVE this little munchkin!!

finding her feet

Meeting her new best friend COLE!!

play date w/ all the OSUE kids:-)

ready for church

Just in case you had ANY doubt in your mind that my child is ornery:


Chantal said...

I love all the photos! I hope you do find more time to blog, I love hearing the updates.

Holly said...

of course the agencies would love her! how could they not!

Stephanie said...

Ha!! That second to last picture is too cute! I totally think the girls play us. Chloe does the same thing; she'll cry and I'll go to get her and JJ can see her smiling from over my shoulder. Little stinkers! :)


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