My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If You Google Me

If you ever noticed the Feedjit live on the side of my blog, it shows where and what time my visitors come in. It also tellme what country, state, and city they are from. The cool part, is it shows where the traffic is coming from. So if you click on my blog from another blog, or from facebook, or directly type in my address, I can tell. There is also this cool feature that if someone came to my blog from googling something, then it shows what they typed into the search engine that brought them to my site. Here are just a few of the tings you can type into google to find my posts and what posts they took these people to.

"God answers prayers in amazing ways" took this person to my post "God Answers Prayers in AMAZING Ways" which was a post about how I was going to meet Angie Smith at the Women of Faith Conference instead of just receiving a much wanted reply email.

"Picture fram that says all because two people fell in love" took this googler to "Grief the Complicated Companion". Which was all about Mama JJs angel day, and haw grief sneaks up and bites you in the butt, i am sure this poor person was not expecting that information.

"baking soda old wives tale" brought this apparently pregnant woman to "Heart Palpitations and Old Wives Tale #4" which is pretty self explanitory.

"army gown" brought a possible military wife to "Military Ball Dress Shopping" which may have actually helped this shopper, b/c there were some gorgeous gowns I found!

"how far along should you be before doing the ring test for baby gender" brough yet another pregnant woman to one of my old wives tales, "Old Wives Tale #2". I knew these posts would be helpful to others...and FUN!

"10 Days Past Ovulation pregnancy test" too a wannabe, and hopefully succesfully pregnant woman to "10DPO" I hope this gave her a little hope, but not TOO much false hope....10DPO is REALLY early to get a positive pregnancy test!

And last, someone came across my blog when they typed "voyerism with friends" into google!! I don't know if I want to know why someone was googling this topic, but I am sure they were extremely dissapointed when they got a post about how I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers turned real life friend Holly from Caring for Carleigh in the post "Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Old Friends and New Friends"

It is interesting who unknowingly, outside of the military and baby loss mom community stumbles upon this blog. I just hope that, in most cases, they find what they are looking for, and possibly go away with a smile.


- Jessi - said...

Very cool, I might have to add that to mine.

Holly said...

I had thought of getting the feedjit one! I like reading how people find your blog thru google. I know other bloggers who do that and some of them are so funny!


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