My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


you see that VERY faint line!?!?!?!?!?

I wanted to share this post with all of has been hidden in my "vault" since the day it happened. I posted this on my support group the night it happened to get their advice, but was not ready to announce it to the word...that came after the blood test confirmed! I know, I am sure you can't see the line without tilting, and squinting, but I promise it is there, and I promise I took TONS after this one, but this is the first test that let me know Pumpkin was on his/her way!!! here is the post from that night:

 10DPO (days past ovulation)

I got really light headed yesterday and today when I had not eaten in a few hours, and I was REALLY irritable last night (no normal for me, i have the patience of a snail usually when it comes to my husband). So, when the nausea/lightheaded hit again only 2.5 hours after eating a small lunch, I decided to break down and test. I peed in the cup, dropped a few drops, and waited. I waited about 1-2 mins and when there was not pos sign, I walked away. I went back in about 15 mins later to throw the test away, and there is DEF a faint pink, positive line.
So, I immediately got a First Response test out, and took another one...BFN...and I thought FR was more sensitive, but it was with a different urine.  And of ALL the HUNDREDS of tests I have taken from other people in the ER with the QuickVue, I have NEVER had a false positive, and never had one appear as an evaporation line at the hospital(we let those thing sit on the counter for hours after testing). I don't want to get too happy, I don't want to get anyone else excited, but even my hubby saw the faint pink line.....ugh! I think I will just retest tomorrow morning w/ FMU and hope I get a darker line than today. It would just be too perfect if this was my month.....there is NO way my life works like that! I only have 2 more weeks of school (one finals week), we are just about to remodel our kitchen, which last time we scheduled to have our kitchen remolded, we found out we were pregnant with Rosalynn so we canceled, we were SUPPOSED to start clomid next month if I wasn't pregnant, and I was NOT looking forward to that, AND my EDD would be my birthday (NOV 17th) IF i got pregnant this month! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that I get a darker line tomorrow morning!


Committed said...

Yay! I'm SOOOOOO happy for you!

And that line is not so faint, my dear! GREAT pic.

Mattie said...

I see it! It's a beautiful sight!

BlueEyedBeauty said...

Well when I took a test I did the 1.00 preg test and it was suppose to be like a plus sign where the horizontal sign was faint and the line across was suppose to be dark I may have mixed it up but I knew my test result was backwards and I knew something wasnt a day or two later I got my bloos tested and yep I was 6weeks along. And already showing. I thought I was just gaining weight because of work(at the time) I had no symptoms till the morning I found out weird huh?

*Laura Angel said...

Wow how fantastic!!! Congrats!

Lisette said...

Great news!!! Congratulations!

Holly said...



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