My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Phots, Photos, and More Photos...oh, and an Update.

I mentioned that I had had my first lesson with my wedding photographer. It went well. He gave me a 2 hour run down of all the basic settings on the camera. He taught me about apertures and shutter speed and lighting with and without flash. I can now change the settings because I know what they mean! However, I am FAR from learning everything about this camera!

Foster had a ruby game to ref in Dayton again this past weekend. He informed me that we would be in a very nice park, and would give me the perfect opportunity to shoot some landscape. The great thing about landscape, is you can practice practice practice. The scene never changes, and the lighting changes so slowly, that you can take hundreds of pictures until you get the right one. You can also experiment with the different settings. So while he worked, I played. Here are a few of the unedited pictures I took: (Hint: if you want to see the pics without the opaque background, click on them, and they will pop up in a separate window) By the way each of these photos are mine, and I will be adding watermarks when I figure out my new photo shop. PLEASE do not steal them and pass them off as your own. Thank you!

I Love the tree! The colors were AMAZING!!! It was the only orange tree surrounded by green and dead trees.  This is what happened when I adjusted the ISO setting....kind of cool! Seems a little over exposed, but I thought it was fun to see the differences with the settings.
My next picture was the very first one I took at the park. I LOVE it!!! it is such a pretty setting! The colors are so crisp:

Last, this picture was cool, because after taking it, I had the hardest time figuring out which side was up and which was down!!! yes, it was on purpose, but i didn't expect it to come out this nicely. You tell me which way is up:-)

Now, of COURSE, I took my camera with me to hang out with my friends Saturday night. Foster and Ky and Mr JJ got ahold of the camera and had a little too much fun! WOW! Foster's butt looks a little juicy in this photo!

And Welcome the new addition to the family! Mr.JJ is 7 months pregnant!!! 

Then we started trying to take a good photo for a Chirstmas Card this year. We probably should have coordinated outfits or something because we all look a little hodge-podge, but this is my little family, and I love each and every one of them!

Right before our little private party, Foster decided he couldn't wait a second longer to give me my other birthday gift even though it's not until the 17th of Nov. See the jersey in the picture? That was my new gift. Now, to most, it seems like a pretty generic gift for a Buckeye fan, but upon further examination, the back has MY last name on the back, and the 12 has significant meaning. Foster and I got married on 12/12/09 so hence the number 12. Honestly, Foster floors me sometimes. Once I think there is no way for him to be more thoughtful and creative, he outdoes himself yet again. Have I mentioned what a blessed girl I am and how much I love him? He amazes me, and I wake up every morning wondering what I did to deserve him and be loved so intensely in return.

Too often, when grief has overwhelmed us, we forget about the blessings we have. Sometimes I am too quick to ask what I did wrong in my life to be punished with the loss of a child, but then I look at my husband and wonder what I did so right to deserve him. That is when it occurs to me that I am not being punished, it is just life, and sometimes bad things happen to good people.

This was one of my discussions with my new therapist. I had my first session last night. From the moment I walked in the door, her warmth and smile made me feel at ease. She is around my age and she is a mother and a wife. When I walked into her office, I noticed a wall full of degrees and certificates. One of them was a trauma training, which upon further explanation, she said she trained for assistance with the military. She is not IN, but she took a class to train her on ways to assist in PTSD associated with trauma. My situation falls under a few different categories. There is the grief, and then there is the PTSD associated with it. Where certain triggers will set off anxiety when certain feelings and moods are brought to the surface. She said that there may be a way to use the techniques she was taught in order to prevent the anxiety, although the grief will have to be addressed in other ways. I felt so much better coming out of her office than I did the last lady. I made another appointment and I am excited to work with her and see where this goes. I will keep you updated. Until next time, here is one more photo of my adorable pup. Rowdy as a pumpkin:


Courtney said...

What a beautiful post. You photography skills are just amazing!
Thank you for sharing them with us <3

Anonymous said...

I bet you dog hates you because you dressed him up as a pumpkin.


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