My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bomb Threats, Baby Bashing, and Birthdays!!

Yes, you heard that right, bomb threat! I walked onto an eerily empty campus. I noticed tons of police cars and a bomb squad truck parked in front of our library. As I was making my way to my first class for a midterm, I received a text from one of my classmates informing me that there was a bomb threat on campus. It turns out the FBI had received a tip that there was a bomb in three of our campus labs and our main library. I was hesitant to walk into my first class’ building, because it was one of the buildings directly across from the library. It is made of all glass, and if God forbid a bomb did go off in the library, the blast, depending on the size, would affect the building I was in. However, I couldn’t miss my midterm. I had stayed up all night studying, and was ready for the test. When I started to open the door to the empty classroom, one of the students standing in the hallway informed me that the midterm had been postponed until Thursday. I was excited, but a little disappointed. I had studied, and was ready, but now I would have to restudy the material on Wednesday because I am not the best at retaining information.

I then had to wait around for a second email. I had to see if my second class was going to be cancelled also. Sure enough, an hour before class would commence, my professor informed us not to come. One of the labs was right next door to the classroom, and she didn’t feel right potentially putting us all in danger. It had been a total waste of energy to drive all the way to campus. I was exhausted from studying all night, so headed home, curled up on the couch with my two furbabies, and took a long nap.

When I woke up from my nap, I turned on the news to see if there were any updates on the bomb threat, and was disgusted with the story that was being broadcast. Apparently a man had bashed his baby’s head in after an altercation with is girlfriend. It made me want to vomit. The baby and the man were found in a nearby dumpster. I will never understand why there are people like this in the world; a monster that would deliberately hurt an innocent child. I was so sad and hurt for the mother who witnessed the tortuous demise of her precious child.

In happier news, last night was my birthday. Not a big one, only 29, but it is the beginning of the last year in my twenties. As I reflect back on the last year of my life, I have grown up and changed tremendously. Whether I wanted to or not. This past year I have gone through my highest moments, and my lowest moments. It has been filled with the best times of my life, and by far the worst time in my life.

This time last year I had found out I was newly engaged to Foster, we found out we were pregnant, and at this point I was planning our wedding. It was an amazing time of my life. I was questioning what I had done so right in my life to deserve all that happiness. I should have just accepted it, and enjoyed the ride instead of expecting the shoe to drop. Yes, we were struggling with some bleeding during the pregnancy, but the Rosie was hanging in there. It was scary, but it seemed like everything was going to be okay. Foster and I said our “I dos” on the twelfth of December. It was the happiest day of my life. I was on cloud nine without getting to partake in the alcohol we provided our guests. There was nothing you could do to bring me down that day. I felt like a princess, and I was marrying my prince charming. Rosie was in attendance, and from now on, anytime I look at my wedding photos, my heart swells. I am so happy that my daughter got to share those moments with Foster and me, even if she was only 16 weeks old at the time. I take comfort in knowing she partook in the festivities.

People have been wishing me more happiness and blessings this next year to come. I am sure there will be, even if not the ones that we want. Every morning I wake up to Foster, I am blessed. I feel blessed with the love from friends and family that have stood by me through the roughest times in my life. I have no regrets of this past year. It has been an amazing year, even with the tragedies we have endured. I do look forward to the last year of being in my twenties, and hope that it brings even more adventure. I just pray that God goes a little easy on our hearts this year.

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Holly said...

Whoa a bomb threat! Yikes!!

And I saw that on the tv about the guy killing his baby! I was so disgusted when they were describing it and it just made me look at Lainey and think how could anyone do that to their baby? I think the baby was a little older than her.

Hope you had a good birthday seeing how it was the first one since Rosalynn was born.


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