My Family!!

My Family!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Unexpectedly Wonderful Date Night

Foster wanted me to preface my story by telling you that he is currently cooking dinner AND doing the dishes while I enjoy a fragrant glass of wine and write all of my faithful friends and followers. Today the roles are reversed. I went off to work in uniform, and I come home to my husband in an apron. Well, maybe not an apron, but that would be cute!

Last night was great. I was on my way home from Weight Watchers on cloud nine. I once again was the biggest loser for the week with a week weight loss of 3.2 pounds. That brings my total weight loss to 8.8 lbs. My first text was to Mrs. Prince, because she has been suffering through the baby weight loss struggle with me, and because she has had her experience with WW. My second call was to Foster. I was ecstatic to let him know I had lost more weight even though I indulged a little bit in Chicago. While I was on the phone with him he informed me that he was already home. He had attended the few meetings he had to for the day, and since his entire team was on leave for the day, he was able to come home around lunch. I was a little depressed, because I had been so busy this week that Foster and I had spent very little time together, so this little surprise is just what I needed.

We decided we would have date night. We were the proud owners of two free tickets to AMC movies, so we were going to watch the movie "What If" and head to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.

Those plans immediately changed when we walked into the mall, and Foster saw in big black letters "Christopher Titus" across the marquee at the Funny Bone. Titus is one of his favorite comedians. We will listen to him for hours on long car rides, and he is one of the only comedians I actually feel completely comfortable listening to in front of my mother. He is smart, blunt, and CLEAN. Yes folks, he is one of few comedians who doesn't use the "F" word in every sentence because they think it adds to their routine. I think he used profanity twice in his skit, and it was strategically placed to the point where it needed to be said.

I cautioned Foster when the light bulb went on over his head, that he was familiar with all of Titus' routines, and I asked if he thought the $50 for two tickets would be worth it. He hesitated, but when the ticket guy told us we could have front row seats if we ate dinner prior to the performance, Foster was sold.

After meandering around the mall for about an hour, we took our seats in the front row of the theater and ordered our food. I stayed true to WW, and he indulged. I did sneak a few bites of chocolate cake from him, but don't worry, I counted the points. We got a "private show" from Titus when he came out to do his sound check. It was before all the lights came on, before he was in the perfect outfit, and he not surprisingly, he was really personable. He reassured us that he would be practicing with old material, and everything that night would be brand new. At that moment, Foster and I knew we had made the right choice.

The show was AMAZING. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a live show. He stayed true to form, and did not disappoint with his new material. When it comes out, I HIGHLY recommend listening to it. He has some really good political stances, along with advice about how we should go back to the old ways when the entire "village" raised the children. He was political without taking one side or another. He was funny without being crude, and he was wearing a great pair of jeans that accentuated his cute butt. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention our seats were on the side of the stage, front row, so we got to watch his rear end for most of the show. I am sure Foster would have preferred a more straight-on seat, but I was content. I am sure Foster forgot about the rear view seats after he and I got our picture taken with Titus, and Foster was able to shake hands and chat with Titus. He informed us that we can be expecting to see him on the FOX network shortly. That is right, he will have a new show. I believe he said next fall and based off of his CD "Love is Evol" (yes,Evol...not Evil...also another HIGHLY recommended CD!!!).

We were planning on having a nice, cheap date, but got sooooooo much more. Needless to say, we spent quite a bit more than we were expecting to last night, but it was worth every penny! Thank you Titus for your part in an amazing date night.

I better go, Foster called me for dinner!

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