My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It is Approaching...and Other Random Thoughts

So, I officially wish there was a way that I could get an application that filters pregnancy and baby announcements. I just saw that a girl I know who had her baby 1 month before I lost Rosalynn is due with baby # 2 sometime in May. Am I happy for them OF COURSE, but it is like another reminder of what I don't have and do not have on the way. I was hoping I would be pregnant with my rainbow before any of my friends who were pregnant with me were pregnant with their next child. Oh well, life goes on and the world continues to go around regardless of what has gone on in my life. I can't expect everyone to put their lives on hold until I get pregnant again. All I can do is pray that God will bless us too.

On a happier note, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I have been contacting local radio stations to inform them and ask them to please mention it at some point in the day. I was contacted by the local television news lady who wants to talk to me. Apparently she was already working on a story for that day. I missed her call when I was in class, so I was a little disappointed, I emailed her when I got home, so hopefully she contacts me again.

Kam and I are rolling with the silent auction for Back in His Arms Again. There is a board meeting this Thursday that I will not be able to attend thanks to work, but the ideas of the auction will be presented, and hopefully not turned down. I will keep updating about the organization. However, if anyone is interested in donating to BIHAA, click here and make sure to select Back in His Arms Again in the pull down bar. The money will go directly to the ministry. IT will help educate hospitals, financially help families of loss, and any penny WILL make a difference. You will receive a thank you card and tax write off papers. I will keep a button on the side of my blog for anyone interested donating in the future.

I decided after this weekend that I think I should be the full time soldier, and Foster should be the housewife. He had dinner on the table both evenings, and when I got back from drill on Sunday, he had the house clean!!! That is right, the floors were swept, the rugs vacuumed, the sink was clean and dishes put away. I thought I walked into the wrong house! I could not be any happier. My love cup was definitely full! I consider myself blessed to have such an amazing husband!

I also want everyone to know I have a solution for our national security. We need to hire the lady at the VFW. Foster and I stopped by to find out the price for renting the hall for the silent auction. We got to the door, and you have to be buzzed in. There is a key card access but this must be a new feature, because Foster and I have not been there in months. We could here the lady bartender saying "I don't know who they are. Should I let them in?"

Seriously!??! Foster was holding up his membership card WITH that post's # on it, and they were still wondering if we "belonged". After Foster pointed out that he was a paying member, and that he had not been there for a few months, she finally let us in. I was annoyed but slightly impressed by their security measures. You would think they were screening for terrorists. This could be the solution to our security problems!! She should be head of national security.


Dana said...

I pray that your rainbow baby comes along soon.

That is great that you have contacted some radio stations and the woman from the newspaper wants to talk to you!

Holly said...

That'd be awesome if the news lady interviewed you!


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