My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise!

I had a great little surprise visit this afternoon. It was pretty uneventful day for the most part. I arrived home around 630am and wasn't quite read to go to sleep. I had a mission. Netflix had delivered a much awaited group of DVDs, and I was bound and determined to watch them. I officially had Disc 3 and 4 of Dexter in my possession, and I was beyond excited to watch BOTH of them. I lay awake on the couch for almost 4 hours finishing season four. It left me hanging! I sat in front of the TV for a good 5 minutes wide eyed, mouth dropped, stunned by the ending. I don't think I can wait for season five to come out on DVD. What am I going to do?

I finally crawled into bed with my two furbabies at 11am. Foster had a PT test this morning, so I knew I could expect him home a little earlier than usual. Little did I know that it would be 1pm! He came into the room, kissed me, got the puppies, and went to work on his homework.

I groggily rolled out of bed two hours later, and decided to start planning dinner. What was on the menu for this evening? White Chicken Chili! My mom's recipe that is perfect for a chilly fall evening. I purposfully tripled the recipe, expecting to eat left overs for a few day, not expecting company. However, I hear the pups barking frantically in the backyard. As I opened the door to yell at them and call them in with Foster and I, I recognized  a familiar face, Foster Miller.

"Foster Miller" is an old friend I haven't seen in WAY too long! He and I were friends way before I ever met Foster (yes, they have the same first name). My group of friends and family members were constantly trying to convince me to date Foster Miller, and on one drunk occasion, they ALMOST had me convinced. However, he has always been my friend, and more of a brother than a boyfriend. When I started dating Foster, Foster Miller and he hit it off. They even had a nickname for their friendship "The double Fs". I could not be happier. Who would have thought my boyfriend and my best guy friend would have no jealousy issues, and would actually enjoy being around each other!?!?!? Soon, their friendship grew, and they were spending more time with each other than Foster Miller and I were. Foster Miller is a former Marine, so Foster had a fellow military man to bond with and tell "old war stories" to.

Three years later, Foster and Foster Miller enjoy spending time watching football at the VFW, eating wings and playing video poker at the local BW3s. Today Foster Miller was doing some business in our neighborhood, and decided to grace us with his presence. Lucky him! I had the chicken chili simmering on the stove, and Foster had a few Yuenglings chilling in the fridge. We all enjoyed a bowl of chili, Foster and Miller enjoyed a bottle of beer while I sipped on some wine. We caught up, enjoyed each other's company, and ate some great food (in my opinion). If I ever get the time and energy to tell you how I helped him meet his first wife, it is a pretty interesting story. I am pretty good at playing matchmaker, but unfortunately, this match didn't last long.

Although it was going to be a pretty laid back night with Foster and I, the addition of our good friend was a welcome surprise. If all goes as planned tomorrow, he will be hanging out with us like old times for the OSU football game. Wait till you see the present I received from Foster tonight for the rest of the football season! I will be sure to post photos and an explanation of the thought behind the present.

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Holly said...

What a great surprise that he stopped by!


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