My Family!!

My Family!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Wonderful Time With Foster

Last night was amazing. Foster got home a little early from work, and since he was not feeling well, he laid down to relax a little bit. When he started feeling a little better, we decided to head out for the evening. Tonight we are volunteering at the St Pius church festival, so we figured we would check it out last night before working it. However, Foster decided he wanted to take me to dinner first. We went to the Hickory House and it was great! I don't know if it was military appreciation night, but we saw 4 different soldiers we knew in the resturaunt. One of them was a female supply sergeant that I had not seen in about 7 months. Last time I saw her, she was 4 months pregnant and I was 3 months pregnant. When I saw her walk by, she had her baby carrier and her 3 month old daughter in her arms. I did not bother saying hi, she did not see me, and I did not want to have to go into the details of why I didn't have my child with me now. It stung a little bit, I am not going to lie.

After dinner Foster and I headed to the festival. We went for the beer tent, don't worry, I had saved up enough carbs in my diet to allow for 2 glasses of Miller Lite. We sat at one of the umbrella tables, and listened to some live music and talked. We really just enjoyed each others' company. I love moments like that sooooo much. We decided to check out the items at the silent auction and bid on a few things that interested us. Did you know we could bid on naming the new gym??!?!? Foster and I figured if we won, we would name the gym "Slim"...get it? "Slim Gym"....hahaha....I know, corny, but we crack each other up sometimes.

We wandered into the Monte Carlo room and Foster was encouraging me to sit down at one of the Texas Hold'em tables now that he saw how well I can play after beating my family members a few weeks ago. However, if I sat down, I would be there for hours and I was having too much fun hanging out with my wonderful husband, so I did not want to play.

After acquiring another glass of beer and taking our seats near the live music again, we saw this beautiful baby girl. Foster and I got caught by the parents staring a few times. When Foster got up to get another beer, I wandered over to the table to introduce myself so I did not seem so creepy. I asked when their baby was born, "April 25th". I was right. When foster and I had been talking, I said that the baby was around 4 months old and is probably exactly where Rosie would be. Then I asked her name, "Reagan". I chuckled at this and said that is what our first daughter's name would have been had we not named our dog Reagan.

I apologized for our staring and told her that we had lost our daughter on April 20th and we were just admiring her daughter. She let me play with Reagan for a little bit, and it was good. I was okay. I decided I think it is the newborns that I will always have a problem with, because Rosie will always be newborn in my eyes. This is the only way I will ever know her. This gives me hope, because one of my good friends just had a little girl about 2 weeks ago. She is beautiful! Strawberry hair, sweet little face. However, I cannot bring myself to set up a time to go visit due to the fact she is a little strawberry haired newborn, just like Rosie was. however, it looks like when her baby gets a little older, I will have no issues.

Once Foster and I got home, we sat on our patio and talked for a few more hours. We talked about how blessed we are, how much we love each other, about how beautiful our home has become (I know, I still have to post pictures of all the changes),and about the future. Although it feels like our world came to an end 4 months ago, we are starting to feel like it has started back up again. We are preparing for our trip to Austin for the National Guard Conference and are ecstatic! If any of my followers are from that area, let me know, maybe we can get together for coffee or lunch. I would love to meet some of you in real life.

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