My Family!!

My Family!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Rainbow Baby Project

Oh it has been FOREVER since I have posted here. Mainly because 2 babies are keeping me EXTREMELY busy, and so is my business, Irish Eyes Photography.  It has been NEARLY EIGHT YEARS since my Rosalynn passed away. Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, other days it seems like just yesterday!
The 2 things that have kept hope going in my life has been my two rainbow babies, Avaleen and Phillippa (Ava and Pippa). So with that, I have decided to give back to the baby loss community that has blessed me and supported me for EIGHT YEARS!!! Please, go over to my blog on my photography page to read a full story/explanation, and see all the details. If you, family, or friends are in Ohio, or willing to TRAVEL to Ohio, FEEL FREE to share and nominate them for this amazing opportunity!!

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