My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photos (Maternity and Newborn)

We DID have maternity photos taken by my mentor/wedding photographer, we had them done a few days before we had her, so I never got them posted. Then today Foster, Avaleen and I headed into the studio and I got a few shots of us. I even set up the camera for Foster and he shot a few of Ava and me. So, enjoy!

The magic word to get the dogs to look like this is "Squirrel":-)

Ohio State VS. Notre Dame

Stick it out Foster!! lol

Rosie bear with Ava's boots:-)

I have tried this with other babies od soldiers, but they have all been too big:-) lol. this is one plus of having a preemie!

I LOVE this:-) he loves her soooo much!!

She is a photographer's dream posing baby!!!

Nothing sexier than a man in uniform.....except a man w/ his little girl in uniform!!

Kisses for my sweet girl!!!

I don't look TOO fatin this guess you can see it;-)


Chantal said...

Those are great photos!!

Lady Rynn said...

They are beautiful photos! I love the ones with her and your husband in uniform. Congrats on your little bundle of joy!

Sarah said...

Goodness, she is SO tiny!!! I absolutely love the photos. =)

Jenny said...

Oh i love them :)
My husband however would never ever hold a undiapered baby in his dress blues hahha!


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