My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I know, I know, I am OBSESSED!!!

When I first ventured into the photography business, I wanted to be a great newborn photographer, but was timid with newborns. I was nervous about handling other people's babies, so I think I was a little conservative. So what is the best part of being a photographer with a newborn...of course other than the obvious of being a mom??!?!? LOTS of practice...and LOTS of "free" photos of my newborn:-)
So here is what I did when I went into the studio for ANOTHER 3 hours today!! :-) lol

WHO puts a baby ina bowl!?!?!? This girl!!lol

she looks like she is up to NOOOOOO good!

for my fellow Buckeye fans!! My sister made the tutu and headband for her:-)

"Her first look!!" (anyone who gets the movie reference....kudos to you!!!)

bloomers are still a littl ebig for her...but OOOOOsooooo cute!!!


Lady Rynn said...

Such gorgeous photos! Plus what a gorgeous little girl you have! I'm always nervous about what things to do for newborn photos, have tons of ideas, but it is scary working with others' babies. ;) Enjoy all those sweet moments of practice with your little one!

Holly said...

SUCH adorable photos!!!!


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