My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fest and Reveal Story

Every year Foster's hometown has a HUGE celebration called Summer Fest. It is a Fourth of July of sorts. Complete with an early morning 4 mile race, a parade, yard sales, and fireworks. Foster and I were already planning on attending, but because our two sides of the family don't get together as much as I would like....other than for our wedding and Rosie's passing..... due to the 3 hour trip, I wanted to try and bring them together for this event, so Foster and I invited Bug and Ky, JJ and Mr. JJ, and my parents. We promised that those who attended would get to be present for the big gender reveal. JJ and Mr. JJ were planning on attending, but Mr. JJ had a prior engagement that Saturday that he could not postpone. Bug had to work, but Ky said he would love to attend, and my parents were going to make the three hour drive in order to spend a little time with everyone. Unfortunately my dad had to cancel last minute, but my mom still made it.

Ky, Foster and I headed out on Friday with the pups. We settled into the hotel and had some late night wings. Foster was regretting it the next morning when he had to wake up early to go run the 4 miler. His dad and brother in law ran the race also, and all of them achieved their goals! His dad wanted to make sure he didn't finish last, and sure enough there were PLENTY of finishers after him. Foster's Brother in law wanted to beat Foster's dad, and if possible break 40 minutes. He did both!! Foster wanted to break 28 minutes, and possibly place in his age category. He accomplished both! He placed third while breaking 28 minutes! Not bad for having a heavy stomach after too many wings the night before!

After the race we headed to his parent's house where his mom and sisters were holding their annual garage sale. They make out like bandits at their sale...maybe next year I will have to bring my own table and join in the money making opportunities! We all just hung out, played with my nieces and nephew, and enjoyed each other's company. Foster and Ky started cracking open beers pretty early, and decided they wanted to go check out the auto show at the fair portion of Summer Fest, so I decided to take a nep. I figured I was in for a long night since they were already drinking, and we were driving back home that night (2hours). It was apparent I was going to be the DD.

That evening we were expecting the arrival of my mom for the cookout and reveal. When she arrived we gathered everyone up and handed his sisters a gift bag and a bag for my mom and his mom. We made his sisters open theirs first. Inside they pulled out a duck onsie....VERY gender non-specific! They all chuckled, rolled their eyes, and anticipated the opening of our moms' bags. I had taped the tops in order to prevent peaking, but this cause a little delay in getting the bags open, and after a struggle they excitedly announced "We see pink!!". Inside his mother's bag was the coming home outfit. On the front of the onsie it says "Little Sister" and inside my mom's bag were bibs with "Daddy's Little Princess" on the front. They were so excited.

I begged that they would hold off on the shopping, for my nerves still get the best of me. they were not very happy with this prospect, so I made them a deal. They could buy things but they couldn't give them to me till AFTER Ava arrives crying. Although they still didn't like this idea, they agreed.

After a filling spread, we all gathered on the streets for the parade. I still don't get the excitement about parades, I never have, but everyone seemed to have fun. After, my mom headed home before it got dark, and the rest of us headed to the fair for dessert. I wanted an elephant ear, and the kids wanted funnel cakes and the guys drank more beer! We visited with Dave's long time friend Mr. Red and his wife. She is expecting also and is approximately 7 weeks behind me with her 4th child. It was great seeing them, and I always regret living so far away from this great couple, because I could see us hanging out a lot more if we lived a little closer to one another.

Finally it was time to head home, and about 15 minutes into our 2 hour drive home, BOTH Ky and Foster AND one of the dogs were passed out! I firmly believe that late night, long drives should require at least one of the passengers to stay awake to help the driver! I was exhausted, and only my sweet Rowdy pup was there to stare at me and occasionally lick my hand when I was starting to get really tired.

It was a really fun time., and although I wasn't able to make my gender cake due to time constraints, I still think the reveal was fun! Everyone seemed really excited about the fact we are expecting another beautiful baby girl. Although everyone is still really nervous, I think the excitement is starting to creep into every one's hearts:-)


H.C. Bishop said...

I miss the parties my family used to throw when I was younger on our farm. The guys that do the Cincinnati Riverfest fireworks would come out and do ours. It was so much fun.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Sounds like a lovely time...what a sweet way to announce that you are having a baby girl! Love the name, too!

Love and continued prayers for you, my friend...


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