My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby and Photography and Auctions

I have been keeping busy. I have been TRYING to make the time go faster. I am torn between wanting to relish in every second of this pregnancy and wanting it to fly by in order to hold my beautiful Avaleen in my arms.

Foster is so busy with his new position at his unit, that he has been gone more than he has been home. He will be gone a total of 20+ days in August, and probably about the same in September. This just makes my time seem to drag by even slower, and makes me go crazier, because he has a nack for bringing me back to reality and calming me down.

To counter his absence, I have planned a little get a way myself. I will be visiting my aunt in PA. She is an actress, and performing in "Pride and Prejudice" at the Shakespearean festival in Center Valley, PA. Foster isn't thrilled about me traveling by myself for so many hours, but I HAVE to get out! I am going stir crazy!!

I am at this weird point in the pregnancy. Coming up on 24 weeks tomorrow, I WOULD have been starting to pick out furniture, and started nursery plans, but that is all done from Rosie. All of the things that usually keep expectant mothers busy I have had done for 18 months. I guess I will start deep cleaning and such around 32 weeks.

My photography is expanding by the day! I am so excited about this!! I purchased Adobe Lightroom for my new editing software, and LOVE it!!! It is so easy to use, BUT.....of course there has to be a computer HATES it. My computer is going on 7 years old, and Lightroom takes up WAY too much RAM to run, and my computer craps out on me. Editing one photo took me almost and hour because of my computer freezing. I almost threw it out the window. So, my dear husband asked my mentor what computer to purchase. Yesterday I went in and put a deposit on a custom IBM. He had told Foster that if I was taking this seriously, and REALLY wanted to make this my profession, to avoid buying a PC and stick to a professional, business computer. Luckily, his brother works for a computer company, and we got a GREAT deal on this computer! I even had an additional 4 G of RAM installed to insure that no program will ever overload my computer again. I am ecstatic!!! I get to pick it up later this week.

Speaking of my photography, a good friend of mine is having an online auction. I donated a photo session to her cause. If you live near me, feel free to bid on it. It is a 1.5 hour session with a CD with the edited images on them. An approximate value of $300, and a great excuse to spend time with yours truly and donate to a good cause:-) This is the link to take you to my listing:


 but make sure to check out all the other great items up for auction!

AND, if you haven't already, make sure to check out my photography facebook page and "Like" it;-)

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Chantal said...

I understand your husband bringing you back to reality - mine does the same thing! I get a little crazy without him around.

Mattie said...

Thinking of you <3 Have fun going to PA and be safe!

Thanks so much for spreading the word about our auction and for donating!

Bridget said...

Have a great time on your trip and travel safe!

Holly said...

Before long you'll be the most sought after photographer in the state of Ohio!


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