My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Military Spouse Magazine Article! And First Gender Predictor Post!

I forgot to tell all of you that the article "A spouse like you" was published in this month's (April's) Military Spouse Magazine. Unfortunately, I have not seen the finished product yet, because I don't have a PX or Commissary around me, but the journalist had said she would send me a copy, so hopefully she follows through! For you milspouses out there, has anyone read it? I would love to hear how it came out! I will post the article for the rest of you as soon as I get it.

On a frustrating note, I dropped my photography class. This all day hangover feeling has made it hard to go to work, much less go to class and then take 50-100 photos for each project each week. I felt bad also because every one of my appointments will be on a Thursday, and I would be missing class more than I want. I already had to reschedule my April 21st for the 28th because I was supposed to have a midterm that day. I guess I could ask to have my original appointment back, but I think I will keep the 28th because we should be able to hear the baby on doppler since I will be 11 weeks by then! I would hate to go in too early and freak out if they couldn't find a HB. Of course, I have no reason to think this baby isn't growing. Between all the symptoms, and my belly popping out ALREADY! I have a feeling we have a strong, healthy one on our hands!

So, I want to start a "Will it be a girl or a boy" sting of posts. I will be doing all of the old wives tales between now and the u/s when we find out. I am not sure how early we will know, because I will be getting them quite frequently after the second trimester hits, so I figured I should start pretty quickly.

So for the First Old Wives Tale, I did the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart. I did a few of them to see if there was any variance, because I know some of them use the Western months and ages, whereas the REAL ones use the lunar/Eastern calendar and ages. I went to this website. According to ALL the Chinese predictor charts, I am to expect a BOY. To compare to Rosalynn, I went back and re-submitted all my info for my conception with Rosie, and sure enough, ALL of them said I would have a how accurate are these?

What does it say you are having/ had? How much can we rely on it? I would love for a few of you to try it out for your current pregnancies or past pregnancies and tell me what it says:-)

So Far:
Boy: 100%
Girl: 0%
This could turn out to be a lot of fun!!! Let me know if there are any old wives tales you want me to try!


Anchor's Aweigh! said...

i just checked out the gender predictor test you posted. It says boy! at least the first one did. the 2nd one says girl. im not sure what that means, but ill find out in a few weeks i guess :)

Holly said...

I think it was wrong on one of my girls


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