My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy, Busy and My Official Pregnancy Buddy!!!!

I apologize for keeping under the radar for the past couple weeks. I have been soooooo incredibly busy. As you know, our kitchen is being redone, I started a photography class that has kept me REALLY busy, and I had my first OB appt.

I have been trying to keep my fears down to a minimal, but sometimes they creep up on me. I have gotten mad at Foster a few times for asking me to do what seems like simple things, but in my overprotective, crazy head, I think will somehow "hurt the baby". Just one instance is cleaning our new glass top stove. The back of the special cleaning solution mentioned bleach, and I freaked. I could have handled myself a little better; I blame my reaction on the hormones. Poor Foster, he is in for a tough 7 more months!

On a happy note, I officially found out who my pregnancy buddy in my local, "real life", is going to be!!! My best friend in high school, bridesmaid in my wedding, and I was her matron of honor. I wrote about her wedding here. Anne and Tony are PREGNANT!!!!! She was originally going to keep it a secret, but after telling her my reasoning for revealing my news to every one early, she followed my lead and did the same. Please, Please, PLEASE, keep her and her new little addition in your prayers. This is her third child, her youngest being 9 years old! She is terrified, but this is a much wanted child. I just pray in the end we both have our bundles of joy to grow up and be great friends like we have been since 5th grade!


Kristen West said...

:) I am glad to hear everything is going good!! Let me know if you need anything!!

Jelene said...

I am wishing you both all the luck and the boringest pregnancies ever Erin! (HUGS)

Annie said...

Wow! How exciting! And did you know both Jennifer & Joni are pregnant, too? That's half of the girls in our class, I think...


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