My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pop Pop, Clomid, Oh What a Relief it Is! (to the theme song to Alkaseltzer)

***Disclaimer: this has info about trying to conceive, triggers may be present for those BLMs***

As I got off of work and headed up towards my OBGYN's office on Friday, I was starting to get nervous. I was worried that she would not listen to my concerns, that she wold suggest Foster and I continue trying a few more months before she would do any blood tests or medication. I had a complete pesemistic attitude as I walked through those doors.

I should have known better. Dr. P has taken so much stock in my health since my loss, that she is just as anxious for me to get pregnant as I am to get pregnant. As soon as we sat down and started talking, she realized that yes indeed, Foster and I had been REALLY trying for the past 7 months, and it made no sense how I could get pregnant on birth control and not be pregnant yet off birth control. I joked with her about getting back on it, because then I would be pregnant by next month.

She decided to take some simple blood tests, schedule me for an ultra sound to rule our endometriosis and Poly cystic Ovarian syndrome, and just make sure everything looks healthy in there. She asked me how aggressive Foster and I were wanting to get. I pretty much busted out with "Be Agressive! Be-Be Agressive!" Cheer in the middle of the exam room. She agreed, and mentioned that if I have my monthly visitor this month (due around Jan 16th), that we would start Clomid next month if all the tests came back normal.

Well, we got our answers today! I received a call this morning from the nurse in the office. It looks like my thyroid is not producing enough hormone. It can cause fatigue, weakness, depression, weight gain/ difficulty losing. I have had all these symptoms which I just chalked up to depression due to child loss, but I am glad to see that there is an explanation to why it has been so hard for me to get this weight off!! It has not been from lack of trying and diet, it has been from my darn thyroid! Apparently it is not that bad, so a low dose of Synthroid should do the trick. They also found a slightly elevated prolactin level that is the hormone that produces breast milk. No, I am not lactating, but it is enough that they think it COULD inhibit ovulation. Now, my progesterone levels this month indicated I actually DID ovulate this month, but they want to be sure this continues, so they are wanting me to come in for one more fasting blood draw this week. Also, my Ultra sound will still be scheduled.

The good thing is Foster and I will still be able to try a few more months naturally before having to resort to Clomid or any other fertility drug. A close family member had a thyroid issue after her first child, struggled for a while to conceive her second, found out about the thyroid issue and conceived her second daughter the very next month after starting her medication. Oh I hope this is our case as well!!!

I am just so relieved that they are finding out what is wrong. I can stop that fear that I will never get pregnant again, and now that the pressure of time is off the table as well, hopefully these next few months will produce a beautiful sibling for Rosie!!


annoyed army wife said...

That sounds like a really productive doctor's visit! I'm really happy you got some answers and some possible solutions. I'll be thinking about you and your family!

kristen west said...

thats great that you found out :) synthroid is what i have to take..we tried for ayear to get pregnant with Jr and that was before i knew about my thyroid cancer..i thought those same symptoms were just normal..they put me on clomid and i got pregnant with him the first month on it :) good luck!! oh yeah, call me when you get a chance..i got some BIG NEWS!!

Erin said...

Not great news that your thyroid isn't functioning properly, but GREAT news that you have answers and it sounds like a potentially easy fix!

erika said...

we weren't trying to get pregnant when we found out that I was. I was only on synthroid for a month when we found out we where expecting so it does work.

Amber said...

I'm so happy for ya buddy that you have some answers! I know you will be telling me about your BFP really really SOON! xoxox

LetterstoClaire said...

I've heard lots of stories of women who had Thryoid issues and once resolved had no more problems trying to conceive. If you end up needing Clomid, ask your doctor about Femara too. There are risks with any of the ovulation inducing medications and my doctor said that Femara had shown the same success rates but with less side effects (and I've heard the hormonal side effects are NOT fun). She felt like I would feel better on the Femara, emotionally and physically, which would make the process of trying to conceive with assistance a little more fun. I've still got the prescription in my nightstand, it's ready and waiting if I need it!


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