My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1 of 52 and Senior Picture Shoot

Two days ago I had an amazing photo shoot with a beautiful lady. If you remember the "Clone Family", their daughter had already had senior pictures done, but she really didn't like how they came out. Her mom asked me if I had some time to take some photos. Of course I said yes!! I love any excuse to take pictures!

We got together on Tuesday, and it was a beautiful evening. The lighting was perfect, the temperature was a comfortable 40 degrees, and my model looked stunning! I had already picked out a few spots. There is an old abandoned caboose out by the park near my house. We worked the pictures around some of the trash that had  been dumped there, and I think we did a great job. She was such a trooper. The train tracks were a great spot to symbolize the journey she is about ready to take into college. At one point I had my head laying right on the track to get a certain angle, and I told her jokingly, "You better watch my back, or this could end badly!" We had so much fun.

Since the first challenge for my 52 photos of 2011 was black and white, I decided to use a couple of the pictures I turned black and white.

And here is the rest of the colored pictures! I LOVE how they came out!! Send me your kids for senior pictures this year!! 

**Remember, all of these pictures are mine, and I took them, please respect that, and don't take them unless you ask permission***


annoyed army wife said...

These are some great shots! I hope she was as nice and sweet as she looks in those photos!

My life said...

Great Job! Keep em comming. Are you doing a 365 or a 52 this year?

Andrea said...

Great pictures...the light is beautiful!!! Looging forward to the next pics of your project!

Rhiannon said...

Beautiful shots!! I love the red caboose!! You got skills, girl :)

Lou said...

what beautiful photos they remind me of a place near our base in fountain colorado...the train does. Beautiful pictures!! Wonderful job


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