My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Family

I wasn't sure if I should start at the beginning, the middle or the end. So, I decided I would start off by introducing my family. I always have problems describing myself. I am all over the board. My life has taken so many turns in the past 28 years, I feel like I have lived at least 3 lifetimes already. In the past I have been flighty, scattered brained, and sometimes discombobulated. Today, I am 28 years old, and for the most part, I have settled down. I partially attribute this to my grounded, level headed husband, and my decision to join the military 2 years ago. I have been working in a local Emergency Room for almost 3 years as a PCA/EMT. I am a combat medic in the Army National Guard, and a student 2 quarters away from graduating. I am a loving wife and mother, a dedicated friend, daughter and sister.

My husband, we will call him Foster, is an amazing man! He is 30 years old, an officer in the Army and one of the smartest men I know. He is a chemist in the Army, and is one of our first defenses in the event of a biological, chemical, radiological, or nuclear threat in the great state of Ohio. Sometimes he takes on too much. He wants to do sooooo much, coach baseball, get involved in politics, donate his time to volunteering. There are times I have to pull his head out of the clouds and make him focus on a select few things. Unfortunately, He doesn't get to do it all, but he is very generous with his time, money, and his heart.

As a couple we mesh so well together. He is quiet, a thinker, good with money, focused, and loves me more than I feel like I deserve. I am outgoing, talkative, a doer, I hate to pay full price for anything, and love him with my whole being. We balance each other out. He brings me back down to earth, while I help him loosen up a little. It works, because although we are very different in personality, we agree on all the important things in life. We are both conservative, faith filled people who believe family is the most important thing in life.

Then there is Rosie, our daughter, our little angel. She is the inspiration for me to start writing again. Rosie was our dream. We were so excited the moment we found out we were going to be parents. I am regretting the fact that I did not document my whole pregnancy, so I decided I needed to start talking about her now, before I start to forget.

I want to cover a few other important people that will probably pop up frequently in this blog. My sister, Bug, she is 4 years younger than me, has learned from my mistakes, and has made quite a woman of herself. She is beautiful motivated, one of the sweetest girls, and has one of the most gentle souls I know. She is dating one of the nicest men on earth, Ky.

JJ is a powerful, high fashion, strong woman. She is my best friend. Before getting married, we lived together for 6 years, but have know each other for 28. If you did the math, that means that I have known her my whole life! How many people can say that? I was honored to be the matron of honor in her marriage to Mr.JJ (haha). He is the male version of me. JJ and I always joke that we married the male versions of each other. So, take my personality and put it in the male form.

The six of us go on many adventures together, with recent events, have really understood how much we need each other. We are our own little family.

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