My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

On a happier Note

As I mentioned before, I do not want this blog to be all sad, so I am stepping back today from the story, and am going to talk a little bit more about the important people in my life.

Through this entire month, people have told me how strong I am, and what an inspiration my husband an I are to them. I have to attribute this to the amazing example my parents have been. My mother is probably the strongest woman I know. She would give the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it. Mom is a Catholic school teacher. She could have become a public school teacher years ago and made double the money, but would not give up the opportunity to teach children about God and Christ for all the money in the world. She doesn't just preach being a good Christian, but she leads by example. She is strong willed, strong minded, and an amazing mother. Don't get me wrong, while I was growing up, we had our differences. I don't think we went one day through my teenage years without arguing, but this is not entirely surprising when you have two strong minded women under the same roof.

You know when they say a girl marries her father? Well, I think I came really darn close. My father has a lot of the same personality traits as my husband does. He is so loyal to his family and LOVES his girls. He has 4 daughters and a wife that he would do anything for. He is hard working, dedicated, and very strong in his faith. My father is a lot like David when it comes to his emotions. He is not very big on showing it, but there has never been a moment that I have doubted his love for me. He has these crazy harebrained ideas that my mother has gotten accustomed to, and some of them actually make us laugh. Sometimes he tries to take on too much, and needs to be brought down to earth. My parents have been through so much together, and through it all, they have remained loyal and dedicated to each other.

Foster and I have the most amazing dogs on earth. I am not just saying this because I am biased, our neighbors and friends want to steal our dogs for their own. Reagan (yes, named after the late President Ronald) is a one year old female Shetland Sheepdog who is too smart for her own good. She is so loyal, and Foster has taught her some of the coolest tricks, including how to give a high five, and how to dance. She used to place her head on my tummy and wait for Rosie to kick her, and now there are times she looks as lost as I feel. She has become overprotective of Foster and I since the loss of our child. I honestly think she feels our pain.

We have brought some happiness and laughter back into our household with our new edition. Rowdy, named after Foster's college mascot, is a 9 week old who lives up to his name! He is also a Sheltie, and is the biggest puff ball of fur I have ever seen! It is true when they say, "it is not the size of the dog, but the size of the attitude that matters." When he gets with one of the family member's dogs, he thinks he is THE big dog. He is so funny. I have seen him dominating a 85 pound yellow lab! He likes to mimic everything that Reagan does, and follows her around like a little shadow. We have laughed more in the two weeks with him than I have all month.

Although I have mentioned Foster numerous times in this blog, I cannot express how vital he is in my strength. 3 weeks before we lost Rosie, he officially became Catholic on Easter Saturday mass. If this isn't one way for the devil to test someone's faith, I don't know what would be. Instead of feeling betrayed by God, he feels comfort in the church. This has helped me, because I will not lie, I have had questions and doubts, but his unwavering faith has helped me become closer to God also. His love for me has also helped me through this. Look at how he looks at me:

No matter what, we have each other, and that is the most important thing. I truly believe that if we can make it through this and a deployment, we can make it through anything. Nothing will tear us apart. And, one day, God willing, we will have a healthy, happy baby. He would make and AMAZING father!


Annie said...

Have you read Marley & Me? (Or seen the movie?) After I miscarried, my dog Lily was so good to me that I wondered if I could be imagining it. I wasn't. And then I read about the same thing happening to the woman in Marley & Me. Dogs can be gifts from God.

(And I look forward to meeting your husband!)

Joni said...

VERY CUTE DOGS! And it is true, they do feel your pain. They feel every thing you feel. They even know when your in physical pain. That's why they are so good for therapy, physical and mental! When my dad had surgery on his leg, his current Golden, Duncan, who seems like a complete dope, lol, used to lay by dad and gently lick his leg near where the insicion was.


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