My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nasty Little Teeth!! HELP!!!

Oh you nasty nasty teeth! What have you done with my poor sweet, content baby girl? I once had a happy baby who slept through the night, cried very little, and any crying she did was consoled by a gentle pat on the butt, or snuggles from mommy.

Now, these nasty two little teeth have changed my little princess into the "red headed step child". She has been cranky at night, and ornery during the day. No snuggles, patting, or singing works to calm her down.

The last two nights have been the worst so far. 2 nights ago she was up every 20-30 mins crying. It was 30mins sleep, 15 mins cry, 30mins sleep, 15 mins cry...over and over. About 5 am I gave up, brought her down stairs, fed her a little more and put her in the swing. For some reason, she sleeps well in the swing. Luckily, it worked...for about 2 hours. JUST enough time for me to be refreshed and ready for the day. I may try to grab a nap during her nap time, but I am soooo grateful for those 2 hours of straight sleep.

Last night was a different story. We left JJ and Mr. JJ's house and headed home. She fell asleep in the car seat, and I figured I would have a good night, and catch up on some sleep. BOY WAS I WRONG! As soon as I got thee car seat in the house, she woke up and started crying. I took her up to bed, gave her some Tylenol, some teething tablets, and patted her but. She fell back asleep and I celebrated.....WAY TOO SOON. About 15 mins later, she started crying, and crying, and screaming. It was as if someone was torturing her. I held her, rocked her, brought her into bed with me, and then decided to drive around the block. Once again, she fell asleep. Once again, just as I came in the door, she woke up screaming. I figured if I tried to feed her a little more and put her in the swing, she would sleep like she did the previous morning. NOPE. She screamed and screamed. It had been almost 2 hours of constant crying/screaming. I called David crying. I didn't know what to do. She didn't have a fever, she had been pooping, so she wasn't constipated, she was full, dry, and I had already given her the teething tablets that seemed to help during the day. I was soooo upset.

I gave her another 10 mins, and then finally picked her back up, and she started to doze. I took her into my bed....i know, i know, but at this point I was DESPERATE. She fell asleep on her belly (I know, I know!!) while I patted her butt. Finally @ 1230AM. She proceeded to wake up once and hour until 5:30 crying. I would pat her butt again, and she would go back to sleep. At 7:00 am she was WIDE awake and ready to start the day.

The first tooth popped through a few days ago, and there was momentary reprieve...about 1-2 days she slept great, and had no pain. But then the second little bugger started to come in, and my "little monster", as she has been so lovingly called by her aunt JJ since she was born, lived up to her nickname again. I just hope it breaks through quick so I can have my sweetie back:-)

I truly am hoping it is her teeth and it will stop after they have come all the way through the gums, because if it is a power struggle that can sometimes start at this age, I am in for a REAL challenge...especially if she is even half as stubborn as Foster and I are.

What do you think? Any tricks to help me out!?!?! HELP!!


Katrina Genevieve said...

I wish I had something helpful to say but all I can give is keep up on the Tylenol and during daytime hours give cold stuff...cold applesauce, water (mine even likes an ice cube in her cup), just anything cold and sometimes I think it is helpful if they have something to chew on.

Chantal said...

Oh we've been dealing with teething on and off for the last 7 weeks. We use teething tablets, brandy, vanilla, frozen teether toys, and Tylenol as the last resort. You just gotta stick through it unfortunately!

Lory said...

Hyland's teething gel.
It worked so much better for us than the tablets. You can use it every 15 minutes and put it directly on the gums.
My son would scream bloody murder when he was teething and sounds much like your daughter.
The Hyland's calmed him down and helped him to sleep through the pain.
Hope you find some relief for her and you

Little Blessings said...

Ora-gel sometimes helps. And advil sometimes works better for my kiddos. Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do until the teeth decide to break the skin. Brace yourself. It is going to be a fun ride :)

Stephanie said...

Oh man, that sounds awful! Chloe is almost 9 months old and still no teeth so I don't have any advice for you unfortunately. I've heard those tablets work well though, she must really be in a lot of pain. Have you tried a cold washcloth for her to suck on? I wish I had more advice for you! Hang in there!


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