My Family!!

My Family!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Baby Is BACK! :-)

Yesterday I finally broke down and called the doctor.

The problem with working in the  medical field for so long, is I tend to brush things off. I tend to second guess whether I am overreacting or not. This is one of the reasons I blame myself for Rosalynn's death. I KNEW something didn't feel right that morning, but REFUSED to go into get checked b/c I couldn't come up with a "chief complaint".

Being a mother to Avaleen, I KNOW I need to get over this "She is fine, it is not bad, I am just overreacting" and accept that the doctors are there to is their job.

The doctor was able to see Ava within 2 hours of me is THAT for service?!?! So we headed in. She just seemed so miserable the three nights prior, and I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something major I was missing. There was no signs of an ear infection, but who knows...there was no fever, but then she had been on Tylenol for 3 days, so it could be covering it up.

Well, my initial instincts were right. She is fine. She is teething and just a little congested (which started the day before yesterday). The doctor said that there was a small amount of fluid behind one eardrum, but nothing to be concerned about, and there was no sign of infection. She said to switch to Motrin to help with the swelling along with the pain, and that rest and cuddles were in order.

WHEW! I can do that!! I was relieved, because the last thing I wanted to do was have to put her on antibiotics. I know they help, and there is no other way to cure ear infections, but starting antibiotics at this young of an age is just too early...I don't want her body building up resistance to antibiotics this young.

So after hanging out w/ aunt Bug, and after I returned from a photo shoot, we got home and prepared for another rough night.

Foster fed her and I gave her the Motrin. Then it was time for bed. We laid her down, and she started playing in her crib. Then she started whining and crying...but never hit that "I am in pain cry". I would peak my head in, and she would start smiling....MY BABY IS BACK. She was just trying to play her little game of "get into bed with mom and dad". Sure enough after about 10 mins of whining and light crying, she fell asleep and slept through the night again!! THANK YOU LORD! Either the Motrin worked, or that darn second tooth finally cut through making her feel sooo much better!

Glad this smile is back all the time:-) 


Chantal said...

Yay! I'm glad something worked!

Stephanie said...

What a relief! I go back and forth on should I call the doctor or not. You're right though, they are there to help and I'd rather be safe than sorry. The smiles are back just in time for a fun weekend!

Holly said...

teething can be a rough time!

Eboni said...

Kinda late, but Welcome Back Babe! I'm also sorta jealous. My rainbow is 8 months old and still no teeth.

I really stopped by to see how your first Mother's Day with a rainbow went. There aren't many of us left on DS and I'm desperate to hear from some people.


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