My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ava and Her Nasty little Teeth Update

After all of the advice last night, Foster and I set out on the quest to soothe Ava and beat those nasty little teeth at their own game.

First I started out feeding her cold baby food and formula. Then Foster gave her a Bath while I attempted to get some photos edited. When she came down she seemed really happy and content. I thought for a moment that this night would go easier. NOPE. About 1 hour after her bath, right around bedtime she started crying, rubbing her eyes, screaming, and fighting us. I decided that she WAS exhausted, and WANTED to go to sleep, but these teeth, and whatever else is bothering her was preventing her from falling asleep. I gave her her nightly dose of Tylenol, 2 teething tablets and we waited to see if those would kick in. After about an hour she was still fussy, so I took Chantal's advice and put a little bit of scotch (she told me whiskey, but scotch was the only liquor we have in the house) on my finger and rubbed it on her gums...should I be worried she acted like she enjoyed the taste?!? LOL....that seemed to work for about 5 mins. So we decided to take her upstairs. Foster read to her, rocked her, and it seemed like she was going to go to sleep. She was playing in her crib but every so often moaning and whining. Well, sure enough the moaning and whining got louder and louder and more frequent. I took her out, rocked her, put an ice cube in a plastic bag and held it against her tooth (Note: I never left her alone with the plastic bag, I just didn't want the ice cube getting her and I wet). I also gave her a cold, freezer washcloth. While all of this seemed to help soothe while we were holding her, she would still scream the second we would put her down. I felt like all she wanted was to cuddle because she was in pain:-(  My poor baby girl!

The night before, if you remember from yesterday's post, she slept next to me on her belly while I patted her butt. Well, I hate sleeping in the bed with her when Foster is gone, so when he is home, it is out of the question...scares me too much. So I had an idea. I wanted to bring her bassinet back into the room. Her bassinet has a side that folds down so I can see her and reach her without getting up. Foster was TOTALLY against it.

He wanted to fight me tooth and nail. He said he was willing to stay in her nursery with her, rocking her till she fell asleep. I tried to tell him I tried that the night before with no avail. Remember, he was out of town. "We can let her cry it out," he said. Once again, I reminded him I was the only one home the two nights previous, I had tried all of this, and the ONLY thing that worked was her on her belly getting her butt patted. So he gave in.

A SOON as I placed her in the bassinet on her belly and started patting her butt, she was out! Literally, in less than 30 seconds!

Now, all night she proceeded to wake up slightly, whine, and I would pat her butt lightly and she would pass back out within seconds!! We slept (with just a few interruptions) for 8 hours!!!! Needless to say, we are ALL happier this morning. I have called the doctor to see if I can get in to get her ears checked, but if everything checks out OK, we at least know how to handle the rest of this teething!!

Oh, and don't worry...I got the 3 most amazing words leave Foster's mouth this morning..."You were right." ;-)


Chantal said...

I'm glad he said you were right! Haha. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, right? I'm glad you found something that worked!

Annie said...

So, so glad you all got some sleep. I hope she's back to her happy self soon!


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