My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I mentioned all the necklaces I recieved for Christmas, but did not post a pic....
My beautiful Lady of Guadalupe necklace from JJ

angel wings from my aunt!

These were in one of the Small boxes from Foster....the other box held the matching necklace!! BEAUTIFUL!!

And the pics of all the donations to Roses From Rosalynn!! Thank you all!!

Project Sweet Pea's Logo

A shelf FULL of donated items ready to go into the bags!!

Outfits for the little ones!

Memory boxes...note the ones on the left...see a theme:-)

Embroidered by my wonderful Aunt Georgia Peach

Boxes of matching sets donated by Back in His Arms Again!

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Courtney said...

So beautiful. You are doing such a wonderful thing my friend. *hugs*


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