My Family!!

My Family!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pre-Eclampsia and "Modified Bed Rest"

Ok, So we have a plan, and HOPEFULLY this plan will keep little missy in for another 3 weeks 6 days. BUT there has been some talk of as early as 34 week delivery.

According to my 24 hour urine collection, I do indeed have pre-eclampsia. Mild, but there. My BPs have been "behaving" around 140s/80s with rest. But they have definitely creeped up over the course of the 3rd trimester. Pippa is passing her non stress tests, and we are getting a growth scan to make sure these BPs are not effecting her growth, and will be getting our second round of steroid shots JUST TO BE SAFE. But she is behaving and seems content.

So what now? They want to send me home. They feel like as long as I rest and relax, I can hopefully keep the BP levels down and keep other symptoms at bay. For now I am ok with this. I have an amazing support system of family, neighbors and friends who will be helping with Ava, and I SHOULD be able to keep my feet up and rest for a little over 3 weeks. I have a REALLY bad issue with sitting still, but at least I will be sitting still in the comfort of my own home. I will have time to get caught up on all client sessions, album designs, and maybe even catch up on some online workshops and such that I have purchased but been unable to watch due to being so busy. Pippa is MAKING mommy slow down and breath for a few weeks. So far I have had some AMAZINGLY understanding clients (helps a lot of them are doctors and nurses). I think that was one of my biggest stressors I was dealing with when trying to get my head wrapped around any form of "rest".

As far as treatment and care plan:

2 day a week non stress tests with Dr. P with 1 day  week lab draw to watch my liver enzymes, creatinine,  and platelet levels. If these go up they are indicative of liver problems, and reasons to deliver earlier. As of right now they are all within normal range. My only abnormal levels are my BP and my proteinuria (Protein in my urine) which these two alone are enough for a Pre Eclampsia diagnosis. So no need to retest my urine, BUT I will be doing BPs frequently through the day at home. Any indication of increased readings, symptoms getting worse (swelling, vomiting, right upper quadrant pain, headaches that don't go away with tylenol, vision changes, etc) I am to call the doc or go directly to L&D triage.

Goal is still May 25th delivery, but we are preparing for anything at this point. We obviously don't want any NICU stay, and especially don't want an extended NICU stay, but the girls over there are already calling dibs on who gets to admit and take care of Phillippa, so I know regardless she will be well taken care of if she does get a short stint with them.

I have gotten asked NUMEROUS times in the past 24 hrs if there is anything anyone can do for me. So....what can you do to help? Well, I HATE asking for help, so even this is hard for me. If I had any requests, it would be food. Foster and I both cook, but I typically do the majority of the meals in our home. SOOOO it is going to be really hard for me to NOT want to cook for my family every day especially since the kitchen is RIGHT THERE. So anything would help, premade meals I can pop in the oven easily, freezer style or crockpot style meals that can be made easy, gift cards for food, etc. I HATE feeling useless, and one of my biggest ways of feeling like a true mom and wife is by feeding my family. So this will be my hardest challenge to the "resting" issue.....because lets face it, no one REALLY likes cleaning;-) lol. If you are interested text, private message, etc and I will give you more details. We have no allergies, and the only food Foster won't eat are mushrooms.

Now, I am also up for company. Because we are going to be TRYING to maintain some normalcy in Ava's life so she will still be going to school so I will be home twiddling my thumbs Mon, Weds, Fri. So company is always welcome:-) I can't promise I will be showered or the house will be clean LOL, but I am still good company.

And of course last but most importantly, PRAYERS. If you are too far to visit, don't consider yourself a chef and afraid you would poison my family, above all else we need prayers! Prayers my BP behaves, prayers my labs remain normal, prayers Pippa behaves, prayers for my sanity as I take this much needed rest, and prayers my hubby and daughter survive this "Jabba the Hut" mommy LOL. Because if I don't shoot myself from boredom, My hubby may kill me out of annoyance;-) (JUST KIDDING, I am having NO thoughts of harming myself and Foster would never hurt me...don't call the police;-)

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