My Family!!

My Family!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First AND Second Trip to the Hospital

Well I was all ready to post an entry about the fun trip to Cincinati that Foster and I had for our baby moon, but then 2 times in 4 days I have ended up at the hospital, so I thought it may be a bit more important to update everyone on Phillippa and I.

Thursday evening I was finishing up dinner with the family, when I had the worst tightening, take my breath away, pain in my abdomen. I was nauseated, felt like I was going to pass out, poop, and throw up all at the same time. I looked at Foster and said "I have never had a contraction in my life, but if I had to guess what one felt like, I think that was it. With 2 csections, and only being 28 weeks, I knew it was dangerous for me to be going into labor at this point. I called my doc.

The "contraction lasted about 3-5 mins, and according to my doc sounded more like a braxton hicks since they weren't coming multiple at a time, it was only one, and it was a little abnormal in terms of length. She wanted me to rest and hydrate and see if it helped and if I had more than 4 in an an hour, call her back. Well, we spoke too soon. I started having similar feelings every 8-10 mins, then 6-8 mins, then 3-4 mins apart. Dr. T decided I needed to head in to make sure I wasn't in full blown labor, dilating, or risking my c-section scar.

While waiting for my sister to pick me up to take me into L&D while Foster stayed home with Ava, I was packing a bag and taking a shower JUST IN CASE, and the contractions were coming every 1.5 mins. I was starting to get a bit anxious.

LUCKILY, they were able to make them stop after a few hours. After testing everything they could to make sure I wasn't in active labor, they administered a bolus of fluid, and some magic pill by 5am I was released with the instructions to take it easy, keep hydrated, and i may experience more contractions, but at least I know what they feel like, and know when they get fast and furious to call or go in.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was at the office editing, and left to head to a routine doc appt. Well, if there is anything we have learned from my pregnancies, is they are NEVER "routine". OF COURSE this time I didn't pack a bag, I didn't even lock up the studio before I left because I was headed back after the appointment.....or so I thought.

When they took my BP it was a bit elevated. They wanted to send me over to L&D to monitor my BP and test for Pre-eclampsia. If you remember I mentioned that with Ava my protein count in my urine was only 3 points short of being positive for Pre-E at 34 weeks. I never had to address it, because we ended up delivering before any issues came up. So to be on the safe side they sent me into the hospital. I figured, no big deal, they will hook me up, monitor for an hour, and send me home by dinner time.

Best way to make God laugh? Make plans;-)

I had about 15 mins left before the labs came back to let me know how things were when the doc walked in with an u/s machine. MOST people would be ecstatic to see their baby. Well I knew it was not a good sign. LOL. Sure enough, little stinker had a decent drop in her heart rate while I was having a bit of a contraction. (These are known as decelerations, aka decels). It automatically got me 2 more hours of monitoring. They did the u/s to make sure the amniotic fluid was still up to par, because one reason for decels is low fluid.

Fluid looked great, so I just figured, no problem, she accidentally sat on her cord, and will be fine in the 2 hrs. The first 1.5 hrs she did GREAT!! The last THIRTY MINS of the monitoring she dropped 3 times. Great!! That got me 24 hrs of monitoring in the wonderful ante-partum unit.

I am officially  1hr from busting out of here now. We are finishing up my 24 hr urine to make sure my protein levels are ok and I am not pre-eclamptic, Phillippa behaved over night, and they were able to take me off the monitors aroun 11 this morning which was nice because I got NO SLEEP thanks to the belts and beeps and every time Pippa moved the nurse had to come and find her on the monitor again. LOL.

I was on a clear liquid diet last night "Just in case" they had to take me back for a c-section last night. I was opening my apple juice and looked down at the container:

Yes Stinker!!! May 25th is your scheduled c-section date. That is the day you are best by!! Don't even think about coming early!! 

Here is to praying that this was the most excitement we have between now and May 25th. I am willing to do whatever it take to get her here safe and sound, but after 24 hrs in the hospital, I have NO CLUE how women do bed rest for MONTHS. I am ready to bust out of here. 

Look forward to posting about the baby moon soon:-) 

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