My Family!!

My Family!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gender Prediction Test #1: Ramzi Method

If you all followed me through Ava's pregnancy, I did about 8 of these. They were a lot of fun, and between the tests and old wives tales, Ava was 87% girl;-)

This one is fun, because it can be done EARLY in pregnancy. Best done with the 6-8 week u/s. It is based off of the theory that you can tell the sex by the  placement of the PLACENTA in the uterus. The theory is if a boy, then the placenta will form on the right side of the sac, and if a girl the left. Now, you have to remember, if you get an abdominal u/s, the image is mirrored, so left is right and right is left. If you get a baginal u/s then it is true to what you see on the screen, right is right and left is left.

If you see the u/s picture, you can see a dark thick part right outside the sac bottom right. Since this was an abdominal u/s, left is right and right is left. So by Ramzi method, little bean is a GIRL.

** remember, these are done strictly for fun, I don't hold much in these theories, and I will be thrilled with whatever we have!!!**

Boy: 0
Girl: 1

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